Top Chef: Sometimes "Orange Turned-On Asparagus" Just Ain't Enough

On Top Chef last night, some amazing new duos were born that made me wish Top Chef could become a "you're the most awesome and amazing pair ever" competition!

After the quickfire was all said and done making the chefs face the terror of making desserts, Richard was awarded the win. As a little bonus, Richard gets a recipe in the Top Chef cookbook, making him the only Season 4 contestant in the book. Could this be an omen of a win to come for him?

So then off the chefs went for a night on the town to bond, laugh, and take in the city at Chicago's famous comedy club, Second City. After some chuckles, the chefs sobered up, realizing that the skit before them was creating their next challenge. As usual, the crowd had some ridiculous things to call out to create this challenge, leaving the chefs with the chance to pair off as they wished and deal with the bizarre word combos thrown at them and some improv of their own ahead of them.

We had "yellow vanilla love" for Andrew and Spike, "depressed purple bacon" for Mark and Nikki, "orange turned-on asparagus" for Jen and Stephanie, "green perplexed tofu" for Richard and Dale, and "drunk magenta Polish sausage" for Antonia and Lisa.

These teams all paired up well, but Andrew and Spike, and Richard and Dale were the most impressive and fun. Spike comes off a little obnoxious here and there, but now his friendship with Mark has shown us his softer, fun side, and so has his ridiculous time with the always amazing and hilarious Andrew!

These guys decided to take on the improv aspect wholeheartedly by not planning at all for their yellow vanilla love, and just going to the store to buy all sorts of ingredients they enjoy cooking with which included yellow and vanilla stuff, of course.

Dale and Richard did do some planning, as can be expected of both of them, but as was not expected with two strong personalities, they worked together beautifully and came up with a genius idea! Their perplexed tofu was soaked in beef fat so that the tofu tasted like beef... perplexed indeed! Besides the genius of this plan, the greatest moment was Richard pulling out his Seinfeld voice with, "this tofu... tastes... like beef?!" which was amazing.

Both of these teams proved to be very successful by having fun and being crazy creative as they ended up as the top two teams.

On the flip side, Antonia and Lisa also tried to take the improv to heart, but failed miserably. Instead of getting really creative like the guys, these ladies decided their improv would include entirely dis-cluding their main ingredient of polish sausage. What did the judges want? Some kind of creative and delicious drunk polish sausage, aka sausage cooked in beer. What did they deliver? A big chunk of fish.

Shockingly, they made the bottom two teams. The other ladies to join them (this season's not looking so hot for the first female win, sadly, with all women at the bottom this time, and all guys in the top teams), so it was Jen and Stephanie joining them with their tragically failed interpretation of orange turned-on asparagus.

So while Jen tried to hold strong and do and fight the Top Chef fight for her eliminated love, Zoi, the lack of sexiness and the good kind of creativity with turned-on asparagus left Jen packing her knives. Looks like the fun of the first Top Chef couple is over, but I think we'll get by.

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