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Default avatar cat
Jul 10, 2009 5:18PM EDT

My favorite episode was Season 4, Episode 5 "The Constant" primarily because it was less like an episode of a show and more like a mini movie. The episode focused on Sayid and Desmond's ride to the freighter when they hit turbulence and Desmond becomes unstuck in relation to time. His consciousness flashes back and forth through the present and his past in the army. Farraday tells Desmond that he must find a time constant to anchor himself back to the present and he does so by communicating with Penny, his love in what could be one of the best endings to a show ever.

Jul 10, 2009 5:45PM EDT

It might be a bit predictable but my favorite episode was definitely the Season Finale of Season 3. It felt like a huge shift in the dynamic of the show because it was the audiences first encounter with the real idea of Time. There had always been the flashbacks, but the flashforward concept was the introduction to the way time is manipulated in later seasons. But the thing that really got to me about this episode was Charlie's death. Charlie was the character I felt the most strongly connected to so to watch him sacrifice himself really hit me hard emotionally. I didn't enjoy watching him die of course, but because I was so emotionally involved in the episode that it felt more like experiencing the episode than watching it and that was an experience that has definitely stuck with me.

Large good to be queen
Jul 12, 2009 5:18PM EDT

My favourite has to be the Pilot, both parts, because it was unlike anything we'd seen on television thus far. Who can forget the frantic pace of Jack running here and there trying to save everyone, coupled with unimaginable, but effective infusion of comic moments (Hurley commenting about Claire's pregnancy, Jack commenting on Boone's CPR license and then sending him on a fool's errand for pens--AND Boone returning with a handful, etc.). There were also scary moments, like when the wing fell, or Gary was sucked into the engine. It was just all around amazing. (My second favourite is, like ginetix, the Constant, for pretty much the same reasons, although the reunion of Penny and Desmond in the finale was pretty fantastic as well: "I have a listening station", LOL.)
This show is so fantastic. I own all the DVDs available thus far, and I'm really going to miss new episodes when it's over.

Jul 12, 2009 8:15PM EDT

My Favourite episode was S01 E03 "Tabula Rasa" I like the way that the characters develop throughout and show the differences between characters which change as we get closer to series 5, a prime example is Jack’s apprehension of Kate as they become engaged ("Something Nice Back Home"). It also sets up character distinctions, like the opposites of Sawyer and Jack who still argue now, as we saw in “The Incident”. Of course there is Jin's control over Sun, which changes and Lockes ambition to get along with Michael by finding Vincent and giving him to Michael, so he can return it to Walt and earn father points.

Default avatar cat
Jul 14, 2009 4:50AM EDT

Although it is indescribably hard to pick ONE favorite episode of Lost, Season 5 - Episode 15, "Follow the Leader" is probably the one because it made me remember what it was like when I first realized there was this crazy, surreal side to the Island that included more than just castaways and scary jungle noises. As Miles' relationship to Dr. Chang is developed, I remembered vividly the episode where we first see a Dharma Initiative video with the Doctor and how this strange organization seemed to be the answer to everything...yet, it was just the beginning of the rich tapestry of intrigue and craziness. I love how EVERYTHING seems to be interconnected. Aside from the wonder and nostalgia that the episode gave me, I really liked when Chang started believing what Faraday was saying and then stumps Hurley up on his dates... "All right, dude, we're from the future...sorry."

Default avatar cat
Jul 14, 2009 9:42AM EDT

My favourite episode of Lost has to be Numbers. I know it's an old one, but to me it's just classic. This is a Hurley episode and it's just brilliant!This episode focuses on the famous 4 8 15 16 23 42. I love how it starts with a normal day on Mystery Island, Hurley, Jin and Michael all just building the raft, then turns to insanity when Hurley sees the Numbers on one of the papers Sayid brought back from Rousseau, A.K.A Crazy French Chick.I also love the Charlie/Hurley interplay throughout the episode, you can see they're fast becoming best friends. The best bit of this is when Charlie is all like "tell me what's wrong, I'm a drug addict" and Hurley tells him about the money and Charlie gets all insulted and thinks he's lying.But the Flashbacks are the real highlight, chronicling Hurley's incredible bad luck. His Granddad dies, his house burns down, his mother breaks her ankle and his factory burns down. He was even in a mental Hospital! We see why he was in Australia, and best of all, when he's in the big office building talking to his accountant, we see Locke fall past the window. Best in-joke ever!Best line of the ep has to be though, after being shot at, almost blown up, and held at gunpoint by Crazy French Chick, Hurley just walks calmly up to his friends and hands over the batteries they needed, turns to Sayid (who C.F.C tortured previously) and says "She says Hey."Then, of course, there's the ominous end-shot. Camera heads through the jungle, zooms in slowly on the infamous hatch, and reveals that, etched into the top, are the numbers; 4, 8, 15, 16, 23,42.........

Default avatar cat
Jul 15, 2009 10:22AM EDT

My favorite episode is definatly lost season 5 ep 15 "Follow the Leader" This is a mindblower. The island has told Locke the exact moment in time when wounded Locke -- the post-Donkey-Wheel / time-skipping Locke shot by Ethan -- will appear. This goes way, way beyond Locke's ability to predict island rainstorms. Now, he's master of the space-time continuum. It's man-island harmony incarnate.

Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2009 12:06PM EDT

Though all episodes of the television show "Lost" are remarkably well written, well rehearsed, and well performed, one show that sticks out to me out of all the other episodes is an episode from the first season: "Raised By Another."
Now I know that this episode may seem like a bizarre choice to pick for a favorite, but it really said something about the show as a whole.
When I saw the pilot, I thought, "Hmm, this is cool. A stranded plane in the middle of nowhere should have a cool plot." Then, as I watched on, there were more forces at work on the island, and that the marooned passengers weren't the island's only inhabitants. That was when I became almost fanatic about watching the show (reruns and new releases) as many times as possible!
This episode of the series really shows that anything can happen and that you are helpless to stop the mysterious forces at work. Especially for Claire, when that random psychic intentionally forced her onto the plane that was doomed to crash.
I can't wait for more episodes!!!

Large good to be queen
Jul 17, 2009 8:49PM EDT

That wasn't Locke falling past the window (confirmed 'no' by the producers; it was a window washer). Locke fell out an apartment building window, and the timeline doesn't work because he had to have time to recoup before trying to go on the walkabout, and he fell face up. The man who fell by Hurley and the accountant fell face down out of an office building.
It would have been a great connection or in-joke though, if they'd found a way to do that. Kinda like Sawyer walking into the door that Christian opened while talking to Anna Lucia outside the bar.
There's a reason for this, found in the last episode of the season. Have you not seen it? If not, you should. 8)

Default avatar cat
Jul 21, 2009 3:33PM EDT

@tvqueenboy do i feel silly, thanks for filling me in. oh well, still a cool ep.

Default avatar cat
Jul 21, 2009 7:12PM EDT

I have to say that my most favorite scene is the opening of season 2 with Desmond in the hatch, it seems so crazy considering where we left off, I just love the introduction, it's just an amazing intro with the music, routine, and then the explosion and you think to yourself, holy cow, there's someone down there!
I think I'd say my favorite episode though is One of them, the introduction of Henry Gale who later turns out to be Benjamin Linius is great. I think especially after you watch the series and know how manipulative Ben is. Its amazing to think that perhaps he wanted to get caught and or wonder why did he get caught. His manipulations of the losties is incredible, that coldness in Ben so apparent but I just thought it was such a memorable introduction for his character.

Default avatar cat
Jul 26, 2009 4:05AM EDT

Wja.popplewell@gmail.comI love the show i've watched it form the very start. I can't wait untill it's back.

Default avatar cat
Jul 26, 2009 11:07PM EDT

I don't think there has been an episode of LOST that I didn't like (except for the Nikki/Paulo fiasco haha), but Sawyer has always been my favorite character, and so I'd have to say that The Brig is my favorite episode. It's not a happy one, or even one of the best in the series. But when Sawyer has to kill the man that he has been searching for for most of his life... well... it just floored me. Josh Holloway stood out in that scene, and proved that he's not just the name-calling crass man that we assumed he is. (I would have to say that The Constant is my second favorite; the reunion between Desmond and Penny was the most heart warming, satisfying moment on LOST. We don't get many of them, so it was a relief to believe that maybe, just maybe, they could have a happy ending).

Default avatar cat
Jul 29, 2009 2:40AM EDT

my favorite episode is Trisha Tanaka Is Dead, hands down. it has an intriguing back-story in which we meet Hurley's father for the first time - clearly important in this show that deals so much with daddy issues. it brings together the awesome and hilarious foursome of Jin, Hurley, Sawyer, and Charlie for the first time (later to "go camping" in Catch-22). and the ending is one of the most satisfying and utterly human moments of the show, when Hurley opens his eyes and the music starts playing and the whole gang - plus Vincent - climbs into the van and they drive around the valley and it's just so effing blissful. at the end of that episode it doesn't really matter that no big mystery has been solved, because the character has been busy vanquishing personal demons with hilarious aplomb and bringing the humanity back into the show. seriously dudes - Trisha Tanaka Is Dead is the best.

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