Burn Notice Season 3, Episode 8: 'Friends Like These' Review - Featured

What an episode of Burn Notice with 'Friends Like These' this week! Usually BN is explosive, but while this was an average episode with at least a car and a building blowing up impressively, it was an unusual episode for the explosive moments between Michael and Fi!

This week the tension was high between Michael and Fi as one of their job was to follow orders from Michael's new mysterious "boss," Strickler. While Michael wasn't loving the situation, he seemed to feel pretty comfortable with doing anything that didn't seem too awful for Stricker for the sake of getting his burn notice reevaluated by the right people.

But Fi, on the other hand, was very vocal about her feelings that the whole situation was not trustworthy, and neither was Strickler.

While there were bits of work for Strickler at the beginning and end of the episode, a lot of the meat of the ep was around the gang helping their buddy Barry retrieve a very important business ledger that could be life or death for Barry both professionally and physically.

This situation caused all sorts of drama as Michael and Sam ended up having to kidnap a criminal and his "innocent" girlfriend to get information. The drama heightened big time after Michael and Sam left Fi alone with the scared woman to track down their next guy in the chain of finding the ledger, where they quickly discovered that the guy they were holding was not the boss, but instead the boss was the very crafty girlfriend!

While Fi can take care of herself, it was looking like there might be a full-on battle of the babes as Michael and Sam raced back to the house where Fi's phone was turned off by the boss lady who was slowly but surely convincing Fi to undo her handcuffs for a bathroom break.

Just as Fi was doing this, the boys rolled up, and in Michael's fear for what might happen and to make their next moves look believable, Michael smacked Fi (aka Kim at the moment) across the face for un-cuffing the woman, leading to a seriously pissed of Fiona, even when Michael got to whisper his explanation that it was all an act to trick the woman who was the true boss.

We've seen this gang have to do some pretty crazy stuff, even including some abuse like the fake shootings of last week's episode, but never has something been so real and unplanned as Michael hitting Fi. It was strange and concerning to see Fi take it like a normal woman would if the man she loved hit her, no matter what on earth the reason was.

It became clear at that moment though Fi went along with the necessary fake yelling and planning outside the door where they'd locked the woman up again that something very big had shifted between Fi and Michael.

They went ahead with Michael and Sam's new plans to take the boyfriend into the bathroom to pretend to kill him, then setting the woman free so they could follow her and hopefully find the ledger, which they did. While Michael and Sam knocked over a guy on a bike and retrieved the ledger, Fi got a showdown with the woman who, since she got away, I'm curious if we'll see turn up again at some point.

But all's well that ends well was not at all the case for the Weston crew this week. After the Barry victory, Michael had a little camera spy work to do for Strickler which Fi was set to help out with. Instead, right as Michael was getting ready for the job, Fi told him she couldn't do it... and not only could she not do this one job, she told Michael working for people like Strickler changes you little by little no matter what you think, and she was not going to stick around in Miami to see that happen to Michael.

Now that hit Michael hard as he quickly digested that important distinction that not only would she not take part of it, but she wasn't going to stay in Miami! While those few moments of Fi walking away was all the time Michael had to deal with his feelings on Fi leaving at the time, it's pretty clear this is a big deal.

This seems to be do or die time for Fi and Michael's relationship. Either Michael bucks up and does what Fi thinks is right, works things out his way so Fi can see how that turns out fine, or Fi and Michael won't have any sort of future.

While I expected the Fi development might mean a Fi-less episode next week, the preview showed Fi would indeed be present - but not in her usual way. It looks like Fi will be kidnapped by someone trying to get something from Michael. While that drama will be fun, I'm most curious with what will happen after Michael saves her. (Unless this is going to be an enormous shocker with Fi not making it!)

Can Michael and Fi really be together? Can we/will we have a Fiona-less Burn Notice? What do you think will come next for these star-crossed spy lovers?


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Jul 31, 2009 10:42PM EDT

i think it would be a major misstep to write fiona out of the show entirely her character is great however the way she has reacted to micheal wanting to get his old life back has meant this conflict between micheal's two loves was always coming yet i find it necessary for the show to tackle this element head on in order for the show to develop within its own framework for example if what i have heard about the mid season finale is true then the events to come will help micheal to shift his focus away from getting his burn notice removed to taking revenge on those who will commit a horrible act against the people he lovesps:I want moon bloodgood back in the show her character i felt was under developed

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