90210: SideReel Interview with Tristan Wilds (Dixon Wilson)

90210 returned last week on The CW and the drama only continued to heat up in our fav zip code - and Dixon Wilson was certainly not an exception to that rule! I got the chance to talk with Tristan Wilds who plays Dixon, so check out what he had to say about his experiences on 90210, what's coming up for Dixon, and more.

Kendra: How did you get into 90210 when it started?

Tristan: It's funny, I didn't audition at first when it was still attached to Rob Thomas, and they didn't want me, they said they were going for characters that looked a little older. So, I thought it was done and over with, whatever. Then I get a call back from the new producers, Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah. They called me and they said they want me to audition, they loved my work in The Wire, and I auditioned. A couple days later I fly out to New York for the test, and as soon as I finish the test, maybe three hours later, everybody comes out clapping saying, "Congratulations, you're Dixon!" And I'm like, "Wow, thanks guys!" And they're like, "Okay now you have to hurry up and get in a car, you're already late for your photo shoot."

Kendra: How was the transition between The Wire and 90210 since they're such different shows?

Tristan: It was cool at first, but it wasn't too bad of a transition. It's just two completely different characters and. you know, I had a chance to gear down when I played Zachary in Secret Life of Bees, so it was a nice little progression.

Kendra: Dixon has changed a lot this season, so do you like the way your character has changed, or would you like to see him progressing in a different direction?

Tristan: So far, well, everything he's been going through, you've got to remember that he's a teenage kid, so he's just trying to find his way and he finds trouble on his way, but he's still trying to find his way, he's trying to find out who he is. There are plenty of things where he's listening to himself when he should be listening to his parents, and other ways he finds trouble, but I guess he's just trying to find his way.

Kendra: I'm sure there are some spoilers you can't tell us about Dixon and Silver, but in your opinion, do you think Silver's the one Dixon really wants to be with, or is he just going back to what's familiar?

Tristan: I think there's always going to be something genuine between those two. Will anything happen? You've got to wait and see!

Kendra: What has been your favorite storyline so far to play out on the show?

Tristan: I think the whole Sasha storyline. Mekia, she's an amazing actress. She was so fun to work with. And the cherry on top was getting to drive around in a Lamborghini.

Kendra: So you actually got to drive the Lamborghini for most of those scenes?

Tristan: Yeah, we did. And during cuts they would let me drive or they would drive me around in it. It's so fast.

Kendra: If Dixon gets another love interest post-Silver, do you have any dream guest stars who you'd like to be your character's love interest?

Tristan: I don't know... there's way too many beautiful women in Hollywood, just the industry in general, just to pinpoint a couple. So, yeah, whoever they choose, whatever types of storyline they decide to go down, I'm all for it.

Kendra: With you different parts in 90210, The Wire, and your films, what kind of fan reactions do you get? Are you most recognized from 90210?

Tristan: It's funny, it's usually 90210 or The Wire. But every now and then I'll get a Secret Life of Bees or something, but you know, it's cool, I like that people call me either Michael or they call me Dixon, that means that they feel like I'm really playing my role, that they really think that I'm that person.

Kendra: Have you had any fun behind the scenes moments on 90210?

Tristan: Yeah, we've definitely had a couple. I guess you can call me the prankster on set. We're always playing pranks on each other, so that's always a nice little fun thing.

Kendra: Have you bonded pretty well with your cast spending so much time together?

Tristan: Yeah, from the first season to now, everything we went through, all the press, everything, we all did that together, so we're all like one big family.

Kendra: I read that your working on your first album. What kind of music is it and when will it be released?

Tristan: You guys will start to hear something pretty soon, but right now I'm just having fun. Music is just something so fun to me. It's kind of like R&B, hip-hop, soul, pop, mixed down all into one. Just something that feels good.

Kendra: Great, and you have a couple more films coming up as well?

Tristan: I may have something up my sleeve. (laughs) No, yeah wait and see. Right now it's Red Tails, a George Lucas film that should be coming out soon. Besides that, just wait and see!

Kendra: Great, well we have a lot of big fans of 90210 and The CW, so we'll be looking forward to it all!

Tristan: Well tell everybody thanks for watching, and that I appreciated each and every single one of them.

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Mar 18, 2010 4:53PM EDT

I love him! He's awesome! LOVE IT! Dixon rocks, he was so wrong with all his lying to Silver & Teddy but he's still awesome. It was funny when he was like, "I screwed up a math test I studied 3 hours for"

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