Heroes 'It's Coming': Lacking Luster or Building Up?

Last week, we featured Heroes as part of our Cancellation Danger Zone because while it had a pretty good comeback from its long break because of the WGA strike, it's not delivering as well as hoped, so it just might be in trouble.

So while I'm assuming Heroes will continue on next season, I've found I really don't care that much if it continues except that I've invested the time watching, and I want to know how all these efforts to save the future will work out for our characters.

I really enjoyed the first few episodes of the season, but last week's step into the past seems to have slowed the season down a little too much as this week in "It's Coming," we did continue with the present, but it just wasn't that exciting or interesting.

My favorite bit went to Elle and Sylar working things out and seeing Sylar figure out how to take Elle's power without killing her, and also without taking her power away from her. I'm pretty fascinated by Sylar's developments as he's become so much more than a bad guy, and Elle has become more interesting this season as well.

I felt like the rest of the episode, though, was meant to be very cool, and just wasn't. We had Matt Parkman and Daphne visit Angela to get her out of Arthur's mind trap, which actually worked with Matt going into her mind, then both Daphne and Arthur joining in the mental fight as well. Surprisingly, the fight was won by Matt and Daphne showing they've fallen in love, and then Angela preying on Arthur reminding him that he used to love her like that, making him soften and let her free.

So going into minds is kinda cool, but it's gotten a little old with this power seeming to be shared with so many characters now.

The final moments with Claire and Peter involved in this situation also seemed like they were supposed to be fascinating and thrilling, but I found them more tiresome and annoying myself. Claire and Peter joined Angela, Matt, and Daphne at the hospital, leading to Angela telling them there was a third part to the formula which was a catalyst - which would be in a host/person, and Claire ever so dramatically laid out that when Sylar opened her mind to take her power, he said she was different and special, and so here we go - Claire thinks she's this very special catalyst.

I used to love Claire's character, but I feel as if they've overemphasized her "meaningful" looks in dramatic moments, plus her change from young innocent girl to a changed girl trying to figure out who she really is and what part she plays in this battle for the future. She's already become too self-important with her powers, so it just sounded annoying and self-centered when she said she thought she was the catalyst. I'm sure it could easily turn out she really is, but I found myself not interested in her being this "chosen one" that everyone's going to need to protect now. Maybe that's why the villains were after her when she thought they were coming for Peter... hm!

But hey, maybe Claire just thinks she is, and then they'll end up missing out on seeing who it really is, leading Arthur to get the right person while the "good guys" aren't looking.

I'm hoping these last few episodes have just been an extended build up to the real excitement, which it seems they might be, so perhaps I'm being too hard on them. So what did you think? Did this week's episode lack excitement? Do you think we just need to be patient for what's to come or is Heroes lacking luster these days?

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Default avatar cat
Nov 18, 2008 3:01PM EST

I've been really critical of Heroes myself as of late, but I thought that this episode was a step in the right direction in comparison to the last few weeks. I agree with the Sylar/Elle interaction being the most intriguing, but Sylar's rehabilitation has been one of the few constants in this season, so you could see it coming really.
Also, like you, I have grown very very bored with Claire and her hero-complex, she's exactly the same as Peter, only without the ability to do anything, except not die. Matt Parkman, along with all versions of Ali Larter, had been my least interesting characters the past few seasons (of the main cast) and I'd say that despite his ability being severely underpowered in most situations and like you said, so many other people seem to be able to perform the same feats, I like his police officer, gung ho attitude, his desire to protect Daphne and practically everyone, he's climbing up my ranks, slowly.
At the beginning of this season, I thought they were going to flip Sylar and Peter's roles, since Sylar was obviously becoming a 'hero' but my observation on Peter seems to have gone the wayside. This episode did seem to lead us into the climax of the season. The final few seconds clearly showed two sides forming in the Primatech v Pinehearst war, one side wishing to grant the world super powers, the other side having no powers (Peter has none, Claire's are useless, Arthur can trump Matt's, Daphne and Angela are useless, Hiro is useless). I think I read a review where someone predicted the Heroes were going to have to win the fight without any powers, which is exactly where we are headed judging from the next week's preview. Overall, B- for the episode, I enjoyed it.

Nov 18, 2008 6:15PM EST

I don't think anybody's being overly critical. It seems like a lot of fans are growing tired of the increasing tedious tone of the show. It's starting to remind me of Dragonball Z in that right as you get to the really good stuff, the passing of time slows to an excruciating pace. It's maddening.
I don't think I'll ever trust Sylar. Ever. Also I've been noticing who uses what name for him. It seems like for the most part, the only people who call him Gabriel are his parents. I can't remember what Peter calls him now. I'm thinking he's doomed to flip flop between good/bad because (1) he has a history of it, like when first met Elle, and flipping from parent to parent; (2) he is basically Superman without a Kryptonite. He's all-powerful now and he can't die. (3) I don't like him. That's really a reason, I just wanted to be clear about that.
BTW I disagree about Daphne's and Hiro's powers. They're not useless, just not aggressively offensive. Claire and Angela, on the other hand, are quite useless. Peter's usefulness stems not from his powers but his reliability. You can ALWAYS count on Peter to screw something up. He's just a bit too predictable for comfort. When you view him in that regard, he becomes very useful.

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Nov 19, 2008 7:49AM EST

Och, u guyz think to hard.. i liked It's Coming.. Now u got to see who the villains are :) but Ell isn't a real villian i think (hope)

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Nov 19, 2008 9:52AM EST

I think what heroes lacks is the more realistic human touch that we were used to seeing in the first season.That's actually what made Heroes different from all the comic series like Superman Batman and even Xmen(evenif its kindda of the same story).I guess i can say it is the first time i'm not really eagered to watch the next episode.... even if of course will see it excepting for a little surprise!!!

Nov 19, 2008 3:31PM EST

My only issue with the episode... if Isaac Mendez is dead, then how is the 9th Wonders comic still "current"?

Default avatar cat
Nov 19, 2008 3:34PM EST

i agreed that the sylar and elle part was really cool i hope elle will play a bigger part in the serie but also i dont get the fact what the hell did arthur did to hiro? made him mentally childish? into a 10 year old? wtf? and the whole eclipse thing agian? and yeah.. claire, peter, nathan, parkman, angela etc kind of sucks... not interesting at all... only parts that does intriques me are hiro/ando and sylar/elle

Nov 19, 2008 9:53PM EST

Um, how is there no human touch in Batman or X-Men? Batman is Batman because his parents were murdered. I think that's a pretty personal touch right there. And there's all manner of personal and romantic issues in X-Men. X-Men dealt with issues like race and gender using mutation as a metaphor, and in fact, directly as well. This deals with "how trite can we make a television show before people catch on to what we're doing?" All this good vs. evil crap, it's like Star Wars took ritalin so Luke Skywalker only uses his force to perform a citizens arrest on the Emperor. Ridiculous.

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Nov 20, 2008 1:39AM EST

the reason this season is not as good as the first is because in the first season everything that happened had a purpose and there was indication that it was all gona come together in the end. In this season there soo much goin on and some of it does not seem to connect at all. In the beggining of this season we had angela dreaming about sylar, nathan's girl, knox, sumbody else standing over a bloody scene. Then later we had parkman see into the future and see daphnie, knox, and claire working togetehr and killing future peter, who has that scar which they havent explained yet! R these part of the same future and are they still gona happen? i dont seee how, but i guess anytin can happen everytin is already changed from the first season.

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Nov 20, 2008 1:40AM EST

Yeah man. Who created the latest 9th Wonders comic?I think Claire is going to turn evil and stand on Arthur's side.Claire just wanna get out and fight people but Angela on the other handinstructed her to stay hidden.

Default avatar cat
Nov 20, 2008 5:53AM EST

Nathan will be the catalyst. Calling it now. They have talked about the petrelli men the entire show, sylar can understand, peter can absorb, arthur can take away, nathan can grant abilities. I'll be making a beautiful 'i told you so' post in about five days, enjoy!

Default avatar cat
Nov 20, 2008 7:31AM EST

eb722... great idea! and i agree with u on thatmichelic, hey! the latest 9th comic wonders was still isaac mendez.. do you remember that was it after or before he died on season one... things to be published was given to the publisher..

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Nov 20, 2008 1:48PM EST

befor season 2 i loved heroes. I still do.But they fock'up by season 2.In season 1 u will get, a story line that tells about saving the world with beauty full special effects! every episode will tel as an story with an begin and a and. The story will start wit an question an ands with anwers. The next episode will begin wit an new story whats on the story line.By season 2 we followd maya and her twin bro for like 6 episodes how theye are traveling to Amerika. I mean u get tiered of it!
Know its the same again only we will get to hear sylars storie in an whole NEW SERIE! by 25 epiosode´s. So watch it know... and mean while youre looking you will get, more questions and more flashbacks... and mabey 3 whole new lines of tekst...
Do u still like heroes?

Default avatar cat
Nov 20, 2008 9:56PM EST

I don't know what all of you guys are really fussing about...Heroes is great and i still don't see nothing wrong with the storyline....I think u all need to open up your minds and think a little bit more.
I do think Claire is the catalyst and not Nathan. Remember in season 1 it was Kaito who first had Claire when she was a baby and told Noah to keep her safe from the Company or something along those lines but anyway the point is Claire is the main key to this whole ability issue and i can't wait to see how!!

Default avatar cat
Nov 21, 2008 11:46AM EST

eb722: interesting theory, and there is always a chance it will be him, but everything seems to point to claire. sylar telling her she's special, arthur checking out her profile and trying to kill her, kaito giving her to noah ( even that agent who kidnapped meredith, claire's real mother, knew sth about it).
honestly, i dont know how this is gonna turn out. episode 9 identified the villians and heroes, of which i dont agree. tracy being on the villian side, didnt see that coming. elle too. and the heroes... how the hell are they gonna beat the villians?! peter, angela, claire, nathan, useless powers. hiro is hopeless, hes mentally ten! parkman can easily be overthrown by arthur, and daphne is the closest to having some firepower among the heroes.
despite that, i have a feeling, with the next episodes The Eclipse, using the latter and claire, peter will get his powers back, they've got daphne to steal the formula. and possibly even ando will get his powers, as we saw in the future.
overall, i would prefer if the season became more exciting, and i have yet to see meredith's role in all of this. but anyway, loving Heroes!

Default avatar cat
Nov 21, 2008 11:47AM EST

1st paragraph, i meant kidnap claire not kill xD

Default avatar cat
Nov 22, 2008 3:06PM EST

im wondering whether flint still believes that meredith is dead? then he may switch sides on finding her alive...and possible on finding out about his extended family...
someone earlier made the point about sylar now being unstoppable (too lazy to scroll back up)....well so is arthur...and so was peter before he lost his powers...and so is claire....and so was adam...so really that point has no relevance as they always seem to have a way of getting past their supposed immortality.
i dont really believe that nathan is the catalyst...anything in heroes is possible i guess, but with everything pointing towards claire it doesnt look like its going to go that way. i really doubt that nathan can grant people abilities (thats in reply to someone who, again, im too lazy to scroll up and find out the name of) as we've been told that he was born without abilities and had to be experimented on to give him the ability of flight...it is possible that among these procedures perhaps he was given the catalyst thing but....ok im just going to repeat myself so il stop there :)
oh and is anyone else wondering whether the Haitian will have some sort of important role in the defeat of pinehearst? i did like what someone said earlier about the possibility that the "good" side would have to fight against arthur without their powers (as much as id love to see a big battle of abilities, it doesnt look like its going that way)...perhaps the haitian will level the playing field somewhat...

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 6:37AM EST

just to add... sylar can transfer abilities, not steal- why doesn't arthur take nathan's powers. when did peter's powers first manifest.. because he was near who when he started floating above his floor some mornings? And him becoming president would theoretically expose him to millions of people, who, if the syrum was mass produced, would then have their abilities manifest. now i know suresh's abilities were instintaneous, but that may be different. and i'm pretty sure suresh got some of nathans blood when he cocooned him and tracy; so if he tries that in the syrum, maybe it will make it work. just guesses, but i thought i'd throw them out there.

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 12:57PM EST

Remember at the beginning of s3 nathan wos supposed to have seen the light & lets face it, out of all the petrelli men, hes proved he can do the right thing (he did save NY in the s1 finale). kaito also mentioned the light (something along those lines) in the tape to hiro. I like the idea of the petrelii men and the powers theory.
as for isaac mendez leaving behind comics that are drawn almost a year into the future when so much change occured in that time (s2 the virus), even isaac who'd have struggled to keep up with the changes from beyond the grave.
I still find all the heroes episodes engaging but feel theres a question but no answer theme to each episode (theyre starting to follow lost...), 1 of the BEST things bout heroes in s1 wos ORDINARY PEOPLE and the super heroic stories behind these chracters: now its the super-people and the ridiculous stories linking them. I miss the FBI agents who connectd sylar and powers (& in reality the ordinary people with the super-powered).

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 2:57PM EST

I feel that the strike must have discouraged the writers or perhaps even a new staff was hired in place of the old one. Heroes did used to have a personal feel to it and now it doesn't. Like nra above said it used to be about regular people that have powers. Now it is more about the powers and we don't care who wields them anymore (they can change hands at any moment anyway where one main character can be swapped with another because of power exchange). On these forums I have seen people comparing Heroes to 4400 and no offense to the writers of Heroes but sci-fi fans tend to watch the same series' and we obviously would make the connection. A serum coming up to give people abilities, someone that can take abilities away...anyone's memory awakened by this? I loved 4400 and I used to love Heroes because it was different. Now I find that watching it has become more like wanting to just go to the last few pages of the book to see the ending and be done with it. I want to know the ending just to see if my suspicions of who is good and who is bad ect. ect. were right or not. Lately I have been filling the hole heroes has left with watching STNG from Ep. 1 (woot Picard!!!)

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 3:23PM EST

I don't buy the Nathan Petrelli thing. Catalyst or granting abilities, too perfect, too cliche.
And EB, Peter first manifested his abilities LONG before the flying thing, or did you forget about how he was having visions in his dreams, which even evoked a response from his mother this season.
I think the decision to make it an "adrenal" thing, and stay away from a mutation was a dumb idea, because it doesn't make any sense. But I applaud them for trying not to be Xmen.

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 9:32PM EST

About the comic books. Comic books don't come out right after they are written. For example, if they come out monthly, the author doesn't wait for one to be published to start writing another. Many times the full story is already written when the first one comes out, and that's probably how it happened here.I do think this season isn't as good as the others, and I'm tired of Claire really, she needs to grow up, but I do think that the Sylar/Elle scenes gave it a little something it was lacking, and I really am looking forward to the next episodes.

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