Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Happy Town Premiere, I Quit The Hills, Scoop on Glee & More!

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This week, I'm talking Happy Town, new episodes I'm excited for this week, and my big MTV reality shows break-up! Check it out then let me know in the comments what you're excited to watch this week plus if you've made any tough decisions to quit shows recently.

Premiere of the Week: Happy Town

Last week, Romantically Challenged premiered which I immediately put on "Sitcom Deathwatch," but I will admit the premiere episode did much better than I expected pulling in 11.56 million viewers. I'll give it maybe another few weeks of life for that decent premiere, but I'd also like to point out it premiered right after Dancing with the Stars, so there's the grain of salt with those ratings!

So this week's premiere I'm skeptical about is ABC's Happy Town starting up Wednesday at 10/9c (Ugly Betty's old timeslot of all weird places). I'm trying to lean more towards the reviews saying this could be the new Twin Peaks which I'm always hearing was one of those amazing and under-appreciated shows, but I have a lot of trouble taking a show seriously that's named "Happy Town" focusing on deep, dark mysteries. It seems that "irony" is a littttlee too on the surface for there to be a good show behind it. Also, I'm having trouble focusing on it being the new Twin Peaks vs. it being the next Harper's Island which even I, the non-quitter of all bearable TV shows, had to abandon after a few episodes.

While I'm very skeptical this show could actually have a captivating plot instead of a just plain silly one, I suggest all of us Lost fans at least check it out because M.C. Gainey (who we know as Lost's Mr. Friendly) is in the cast, and we all know how creepy he made a character named "Mr. Friendly," so maybe he'll pull through with some proper bone-chilling on Happy Town. Does that seem like enough of a reason to watch the premiere if you're like me and not really intrigued by the promos otherwise?

I quit you, The Hills & The City!

On to the premieres of the week I'm not skeptical about because I already KNOW they're awful! This public quitting of my turbulent love affair with the staged "reality TV" shows The Hills and The City is embarrassing first because it's hard for me to quit, and second because it's embarrassing to admit I ever watched in the first place!

But, since both have their season premieres this Tuesday and I feel the rubbernecking pull to tune in, I'm making this public display of quitting and yes, gasp!, removing both shows from the shows I'm tracking here on SideReel.

Besides my increasingly embarrassing age for watching these shows (which is actually the same age as those on the show, but they're making millions for the embarrassment), I'm officially quitting because, while The Hills was clearly fake in the Lauren Conrad days, it's just so atrociously set up and fake now that Kristin Cavallari has taken over, that I'm forcing myself to stop watching which just results in my complaints at its lameness every episode.

As for The City, while I still like Whitney, I'm going to group The City in here too because it's also just so painfully clear it's set up that I must tear myself away from all shows of the sort! Hold me to it, Reelers!

Will you be quitting too if you've been hanging onto these shows or are you going to keep watching til the bitter end?

What I'm actually excited for this Week!

Chuck returns tonight from its short break! We were left hanging with what was originally the season finale for Chuck, but now we get the rest of the added episodes which should be Chuck-tastic!!

Glee - Kurt is going to get some focus in this week's episode which I've been dying for since its recent return, and the amazing Kristin Chenoweth returns as April!

Parenthood - I caught up on this one over the weekend and am really loving it. It's the way TV characters should be done, so if you're a lover of great character-driven shows and haven't checked this one out yet, do it!

Modern Family - Like Chuck and Glee, I'm just happy every time there's a new episode of this one. I am also particularly excited for this episode, though, because we've had plenty of fun including Claire's family all season, but this week, Phil's dad is in town! Bring on the new "cool dad" in town!

What are you looking forward to watching this week on TV?

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Apr 27, 2010 6:00PM EDT

I predict that Happy Town will run about 3 episodes before being shipped off to Saturday nights to die in favor of ABC airing Modern Family repeats instead.
I'm not even going to bother. Might check out Twin Peaks though...

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