Lost Finale: Mind blowing or life altering??

*Lost Finale Spoilers Included!*

Well, Losties, I'm still working on getting my jaw off the floor. And you? If you don't agree, well, you're just crazy in the head! (Hence your choice to rate this episode as only somewhere between mind blowing and life altering.)

I think I'm prepared to call this Lost finale the best one ever. So what did you think? Did the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping moments cut it for you?

Now that we finally have some amazing answers like who's in that coffin (I KNEW it! Well, Locke was indeed one of my guesses), but also have a whole barrel full of new questions, did this finale deliver for you or are you just too mind-boggled and in need of more answers?

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Large newrachelimage
May 30, 2008 3:33AM EDT

I LOVED this finale. While of course it demands more questions from us, I actually thought this was the first Lost finale that was more about giving us answers as opposed to introducing something that was jaw-droppingly new (re: flash forwards). I loved the entire layout of this season and how circular it all was - both starting and ending with the idea of the Oceanic 6 and how everyone has to go back to the island.Also loved the reunion of Desmond and Penny (and it totally never occurred to me that Desmond might get off of the island alright at the same time as the 6). I also am convinced that Jin is still alive.

Default avatar cat
May 30, 2008 10:16AM EDT

Darn, I just wrote a nice long message, then the browser decided to crash on me.
Fistly, VERY VERY good finale, though I was kind of obvious who the mysterious Bentham was all the way through (Bentham and Locke both being prominent philosophers). I wonder if (reckon if I suppose) that when they get Locke back to the island he'll suddenly spring back to life.
Secondly, Desmond better be back next season. I haven't read whether any actors are leaving, but I think his character would be sorely missed, especially with the ongoing Desmond/Penny/Widmore storyling so unfinished.
Thirdly, I want to know whwhen Claire will be back! I'm not liking Kate and teh baby, but Claire/Kate/Aaron catfights are always likely to be interesting.
Finally, I don't know whether this is old news, but I get the feeling that next series will be carrying on from the final scenes so that the stroy continues what, 3 years in teh future? Considering we already have a sketchy idea of what's been going on, this would make quite a lot of sense. Would it do away with the flash-forwards, though? Who knows?
anyway, overall, I think that this was a great finale to the best Lost season since the first. Yay for Lost's return to form!

Default avatar cat
May 30, 2008 11:03AM EDT

YES YES YES!!!! Best eva lost finale i have to say, it gave alot of answers but also creatin nu ones at the same time in typical Lost satndards....Ye defo agreeing wit MrsCarrothead above I dont like the idea of Kate havin Aaron and also i would love Desmond to be in season 5 his character still has alot of answerin to do...And also That Daniel I would like to see more of him with the whole time travel thing going on and the other bloke (i 4got his name) the one who can sense the dead or woteva he does i wanna see more of him.Im also so glad that Kate and Sawyer with "the spectacular kiss" and not Jack but i really want Sawyer to come back!!!! :O:O:O Walking back to the beach topless so NICE!!! lolCant wait foe season 5!!!

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