MythBusters Returns Wednesday with all New Episodes!

Discovery Channel's hit series, MythBusters, returns Wednesday, August 6th at 9/8c with all new episodes!

Here's a sneak peek at the first few episodes:

Video: Exploding Steak Myth

Video: Driving Blind Myth

Video: Moon Landing Hoax Myth

Video: Catching An Arrow Myth

* Wednesday, August 6 at 9PM - Can you tenderize steak with explosives? Adam and Jamie see if tough steak can be made melt-in-your-mouth tender using high explosives. The myth starts with a blast - and ends with a better one, as the team hones their technique. Then, Kari, Grant and Tory take a test drive to see if driving angry changes your car's fuel emission.

* Wednesday, August 13 at 9PM - They're exciting, funny and we can't wait to pass them on to our friends, but can we truly believe every viral video we see? Adam and Jamie try to replicate a popular video where a car is blasted 15 feet into the air with the water pressure from ten fire hoses. Then, they take on a video that shows a tinfoil boat floating inside what looks like an empty fish tank. And Tory, Kari and Grant find out if you can create a cannon using just sawdust and a road flare, and investigate the internet phenomenon of fainting goats.

* Wednesday, August 20 at 9PM - Ninjas and MythBusters go together like matches and gunpowder - a match made in heaven. In this special, Jamie and Adam return to a familiar test: in their first ninja episode, the guys thought they'd demonstrated that an arrow could not be caught mid-air, but fans disagreed. Soto answer the question once and for all, they enlist the world's foremost arrow-catching ninja, Anthony Kelly. Other ninja myths include whether there's really a punching technique that can floor an opponent with only a one-inch lead in, and if an underwater blow pipe could really be utilized to stealthily fell an opponent.

* Wednesday, August 27 at 9PM - The MythBusters take on one of their biggest, most controversial myths ever: Could the July 1969 moon landing have been an elaborate hoax? First, Adam and Jamie focus on photos, testing the theory that twoof NASA's most famous images were shot in a studio. Then, they investigate the myth that to get the classic "low lunar gravity look" the government shot the footage in a studio and then simply slowed it down. And Grant, Tory and Kari take on the claims that the footage of footprints and flags flapping had to have been faked.

Check out more MythBusters on the official site: MythBusters

Photo and assets courtesy of Discovery


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