Lost Featured Midseason Scoop: All the Season Premiere Dirt!

As the Lost premiere approaches, we've been getting more and more thrilling hints about what will be going down in Season 5, so check out all the premiere info plus juicy news and comment with your thoughts below!

Here's what you need to know before you jump in for the new season:

*Lost 2-hour season premiere airs Wednesday, January 21 on ABC at 9/8c

*Lost: Destiny Calls, a recap of all 4 seasons, yes all seasons, will air before the season premiere at 8/7c on ABC

*ABC.com: Season 5 Premiere Promo

*Youtube: Season 5 Trailer

*Kate & Aaron Season 5 Sneak Peek

*Jack & Ben Season 5 Sneak Peek

Here's what you might want to know - tantalizing tidbits gathered from various TV gurus' reviews of the big premiere:

From TVGuide.com:

*The new season introduces a "new storytelling device," i.e. simple flashbacks and flashforwards shall become child's play

*The season premiere picks up about where the finale left off with Ben emphasizing to Jack that they must all go back "to make things 'right,'" and we get a hint at where that mysteriously disappearing island ended up

*Sawyer is shirtless for the ENTIRE first hour of the premiere, plus the first bit of the second hour (YUM!)

*As the mention of Sawyer indicates, we will be spending time on the island with those left behind, though it's not noted whether or not we'll be seeing Claire

*Desmond will remain involved in the story even though we saw a sort of end to his story as he finally met up with Penny on her boat, but as TVGuide's Matt Mitovich indicates, no theories floating around about how Desmond stays involved are correct (unless you've been keeping your genius theory to yourself)

Read the full TVGuide.com Lost Premiere Review

From EW.com:

*Hurley and Sayid have a lot of screentime throughout the 2-hour premiere

*Daniel Faraday emerges as an important part of Season 5 early-on

*The premiere has various cameos from "peripheral but important figures crucial to the Lost mythology"

Read the full EW.com Lost Premiere Review

From E!Online:

*Penny and Desmond are having some "happily ever after" moments, but where they will matter in our story is where those moments are very rudely interrupted with the weird reality that exists for everyone related to the island

*Jack denounces his beard and Kate... but will either last?

Read the full E!Online Review

So what do you think? Will the premiere blow our minds? What are your hopes and predictions for the new season with this knowledge in hand?



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Jan 14, 2009 12:42PM EST

i am so incredibly excited to see this season! Lost is definitely one of the greatest TV shows ever.
i don't like making predictions, i just want to sit and enjoy it. i'll probably end up watching those first two episodes a few times throughout the week. n____n

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Jan 18, 2009 3:37PM EST

It isn't the end for Desmond and Penny, however thier relationship to the Island is at an end (I think). If you have been re-watching season 4, like I have, or you have an amazing memory you will remember that in episode 16 'The shape of things to come' Benjamin rudely awakens Charles Whitmore in his penthouse suite to swear to him that he will kill Penny in Leiu of his own daughter, Alex, being murdered at his hand..... I dont think Desmond will be too happy.
What confuses me though is what Ben and Charles are saying about a race to find the island, It hints here that Charles was once in Bens position, Leader of the Island (which may mean that he was the one who finished off the Dharma Initiative, as Ben mentions he was not always in charge in Ep 18 'Cabin Fever')However in 'Cabin Fever' and the three following episodes Ben strongly gives off the impression that he is no longer wanted on the Island by those in charge (Jacob and Dr Sheppherd Snr). and Jacob doesnt seem like someone you want to mess with.... but then neither do Ben and Charles.

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Jan 19, 2009 5:41PM EST

Ben use to be a member of the dharma initiative. Witmore was in charge of the dharma initiative if not the founder. Ben killed off all the dharma initiative with the poison gas. Then joined the others and became their leader. although the origin of the others isent known yet.

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