Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover: Disappearing Act

Ah, it's so refreshing to have murder back on the docket for Desperate Housewives!

It wasn't the same without wondering who would be arrested.

Carlos has had a little jail experience as we remember from the good old days when Gabbie and Carlos were still married without a care in the world.

Besides her affair, him being in jail, and them losing all their money.

I'm going to assume Victor isn't actually dead, but I'm sure they'll let him go missing for a while to put us all on edge about the fate of Gabbie and Carlos. It'll probably work out even worse for them when Victor turns up, though, considering he'll be out for some major revenge.

An affair, yes it stings... but your wife knocking you in the ocean and leaving you to die twice in one day, well, that really pushes a man's buttons.

As for the other criminal act in the Desperate gang, it looks like Mike does indeed have a little addiction. But isn't it probably a bit because he's actually breaking his back working for Susan and his baby on the way?

I guess that's a little naïve., but it seems like he was kind of telling the truth there, but just overdoes it on the pills. But who wanted anyone on this show to be happily married anyway? Boring!

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