90210 Season 2, Episode 6: 'Wild Alaskan Salmon' Review - Featured

This week on 90210 's 'Wild Alaskan Salmon,' it was all about the drama as various situations came to a head... but not quite as expected!

As featured in the episode title, Adrianna and Navid turned from a discussion about if Navid should have his stand-by shrimp, or if he should try the wild Alaskan salmon to Adrianna breaking up with Navid. Since Navid had no idea about her kiss with Teddy and was only aware of the fact that they seemed happier than ever since Adrianna had recently decided to start having sex with him, Navid was left utterly confused and devastated. That is until he called up his "buddy" Teddy to chat over drinks about the break up to get Teddy's seasoned dating advice, leading to Teddy telling Navid the truth about himself and Adrianna.

While the ever-confident Naomi reminded Adrianna after the Teddy debacle of him not wanting a relationship that getting Navid back wouldn't be that hard (it's Navid, not George Clooney!), it turned out that clever Teddy ruined not only Adrianna's hopes of a new relationship with him, but ruined her chances at working things out with Navid as well. It's only fair that Adrianna doesn't get to just have Navid back with no troubles after dumping him abruptly for another guy then wanting him back because that guy didn't want her, but it was still sad to see Navid blow her off when she tried to talk to him.

As for the other drama of the episode, I was hoping this would be the week Annie's story would progress with Jasper more along the lines of what he knew or didn't know about her hit-and-run, but instead it went with developing Jasper's possible creepiness. I have no idea first of all, why she thought she should go out with the 'sext' guy again, and then why she wasn't still confused and cautious about Jasper after her saved her from the potential date rape. So, yeah the 'sext' guy was creepy, but so is following a girl you went out with a few times, sitting in the bushes for 2-3 hours while she has a picnic and makes out with another guy, and then attacking the guy for making moves.

It seemed Jasper was aware the guy was pushing himself on Annie, so it was great he stopped the creep, but why, oh why was Annie not still weirded out by Jasper when he'd followed her and had to have been spying that whole time??

Sure, don't believe what the guy trying to seduce you said about Jasper (which seems like it was true), but do be concerned about a guy stalking you. I thought that was pretty common knowledge.

So no developments on the Annie-Jasper hit-and-run lingering secret, but at least there were some developments that gave us a better look at who Jasper is. It felt a little off-track, but maybe the idea was to reveal that if Annie tells Jasper the truth or he already knows, Annie could be in some serious danger. But do we care if Annie gets hurt, killed, or put in jail? Considering she hasn't found a way out of just being the main character turned annoying, it's hard to say many watching will care if this ends terribly for Annie.

The other interesting developments of the episode fell to Naomi, Silver, and Harry. Naomi continued, in a new way, to be fooled by Jen, so now Naomi is just going to end up as deep in debt as her sis... not that exciting yet, but maybe it'll get there. Silver, against Kelly's wishes, decided to move in with her dying mom, which will also hopefully get more interesting. And most interesting of all, though I didn't expect it to be, Harry got drunk with Ryan then came home to accidentally call Debbie "Kelly!" Oh boy.

Debbie and Harry have been in the background this season, pretty much just jumping in to be parental here and there, but as long as they play it right, I think this could be a decent storyline.

What did you think of the episode? Are you looking forward to next week's Halloween episode sure to unravel or create further relationship drama? Do you care about the Debbie-Harry-Kelly triangle or the Naomi money trouble to come? Are you hoping next week will reveal what Liam's hiding in his basement?


Oct 17, 2009 9:20PM EDT

I Think Ann will start to see how craze jasper is,and try to leave him.But i think jasper will blackmail her into staying with him.

Default avatar cat
Oct 19, 2009 11:57AM EDT

I don't think it's sad at all that Navid doesn't want anything to do with Adrianna anymore, I really think she deserved it!! And I'm really looking forward to see how the Naomie and Jenn thing will go further. Hope Liam reveals the evidence soon!

Default avatar cat
Oct 20, 2009 5:02PM EDT

In response to the previous comment, Liam doesn't have the evidence anymore! He deleted it after he saw Naomi kissing the lame tutor guy from CU and thought she moved on.When he deleted the voice record of Jen from his phone, in my opinion, was the most "NOOO!!!" moment in the whole show.

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