Gossip Girl Premiere: Love (and Revenge) are in the Air

The show we didn't even know at this time last year was one of the most anticipated premieres as we finally got our Gossip Girl back last night!

While it wasn't an OMG-packed episode, it was definitely a great one that I found very satisfying after the way we left things in the finale.

We were left with heartbreak for Serena and Dan, and Blair and Chuck as Chuck ended up not being a totally different guy even when he was falling for someone.

I wouldn't really have wanted Chuck and Blair to have a joyfully happy summer together and be this adorable, flawless couple because, hey, it's a drama, not real life (what??) and I prefer the drama to happiness most of the time when it comes to my TV!

So drama we got for Chuck and Blair as Blair returned from Europe with a preppy cute boy on her arm. And Chuck, somewhat surprisingly, didn't just allow himself to be taken over by the hotties of the summer, but actually went to meet her with flowers!

I'm sorry, but did I miss the part where they're not actually all rich enough that if he really regretted not going to Europe with her right away, he could've jumped a plane and gone?

Though I like the drawn out drama we're getting for these two, it would've been an interesting twist if we saw Blair coming home with Chuck after all! But hey, I'd rather have Serena and Dan working it out than Chuck and Blair quite yet, so I'll take what we got.

It was pretty dramaliciously wonderful to see Blair admitting to Serena that she was thinking about Chuck all summer, and the usually carefree Chuck pining hopelessly after Blair.

And of course, along with this, we had more out of character GG-ers as Serena dealt with her sadness by doing absolutely nothing with anyone all summer, and "LonelyBoy" Dan dealt with it by dating anyone and everyone... interesting!

Then we had Nate being all sorts of inappropriate by not only having a fling with a married woman, but falling for her! I'm very interested to see how this could possibly continue, and also why Nate and Serena thought it was a good idea to pretend they were having a summer fling - who's going to believe that when S and B clearly have no issues when they come back to school?

I was thrilled, though, to see us already get some Serena and Dan resolution which I thought may not come for a little while longer, though it does look from previews they have more bumpy roads ahead. But for now - what a beautiful reunion for them - after getting over him walking in to see Serena making out with Nate, and after S got to see Dan get drinks dumped on him by his summer flings - oops. Looks like they're a bit more even now.

So we got the wonderful moment of them watching the fireworks together, though no mention of how things worked out with Georgina - hopefully this will come up later.

And for Chuck and Blair? Not such a happy ending yet. Could Blair actually fall for this new guy now that he has that adorable accent and he's a duke?? Not bad. But still not Chuck.

I'm looking forward to revving up the drama next week now that we've done our summer catch-up! Can't wait to see what drama we'll have for these couples, Nate, and Jenny as she has to face the music back at school!

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