Hot Docs Week: Which docs belong together?

As plastered all over our Hot Docs features this week, the doctors we so love on our TVs are far too beautiful and have far too many hot hookups to be anywhere close to reality, but that's why we've gotta love 'em!

In our feature Hot Docs Bringin' Sexy Back, we brought you a little something from many hot doc flirtations and hookups, so now we pose the most important question:

Who do our hot docs belong with?

There have been so many love triangles or love octagons (cough, Grey's Anatomy), but for most, there are couples we are just dying to see stick together.

So of the many couple possibilities there have been over the seasons for these shows, who do you think was best together? (This list is already excessive, so if any couples have been forgotten, feel free to comment to include them!)

Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice

Meredith & Derek

Derek & Rose

Meredith & George

Derek & Addison

Addison & Mark

Addison & Alex

Addison & Pete

George & Callie

Callie & Mark

Callie & Erica

Izzie & Denny

Izzie & Alex

Cristina & Burke

George & Lexie


House & Cuddy

Cuddy & Lucas (PI)

House & Cameron

Cameron & Chase


Doug & Carol

Mark & Elizabeth

Mark & Susan

Carter & Abby

Carter & Lucy

Carter & Susan

Carter & Anna

Carter & Harper

Luka & Abby

Luka & Carol

Kerry & Kim

Kerry & Sandy

Peter & Carla

Peter & Elizabeth

Peter & Cleo

Romano & Elizabeth

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Large newrachelimage
Oct 8, 2008 8:25PM EDT

awww....Doug and Carol from ER ftw, of course!
On Grey's Anatomy...I think all of those horrible people should die alone! Actually, I think Meredith and Derek deserve each other, because they are both so awful (Meredith more so, though). Guess I did actually kinda like Christina and Burke...
And not on these lists...JD and Elliot from Scrubs!

Default avatar cat
Oct 9, 2008 6:37AM EDT

I could imagine that House and Cameron fits even if they are totally different xD House and Cuddy, well there is something between them that destroys the whole "relationship".

Default avatar cat
Oct 9, 2008 2:01PM EDT

meredith & derekaddison & markizzie & alex
house & cuddy
doug & carolabby & carterabby & luka(i can't choose! - i love her with both of them! lol)

Default avatar cat
Oct 9, 2008 2:05PM EDT

I agree with you Rachel, which begs the question, why do I like watching Grey's at all? There are almost as many hook-ups on Grey's in 4 years than there are in ER's 4 decades (oh, sorry, but hasn't ER been on forever? I think I was in HS when it pemiered).
I have to go with Luka and Abby or Doug and Carol. I just don't think Grey's has gotten close enough to real life to be outstanding. But, you gotta give them a hand, cuz I never miss that trainwreck. Never.

Default avatar cat
Oct 11, 2008 10:18AM EDT

Haha, Jackie, well said, train wreck indeed. And watch it, albeit guiltily, we all do =P But as I was watching the latest episode, I was just thinking, for god's sake, find someone OUTSIDE of their little circle to screw. Its like, ok, we've gone one round, time to start the next round [cue, the whole Alex and Izzie thing. another train wreck I'm sure the writers will milk. AGAIN.]
P.S. I LOOOOOOVE Christina and Burke. Only relationship that worked [dramatically and realistically], in my opinion, before the whole stupid episode with the hand, which I suspect is just an excuse to throw Burke out of the show. Huh. Also, what happened to hot Mcgyver-Macho-Military-Man Doctor???!! Bring him back bring him back bring him back! He's like the hottest thing to hit GA since...never, actually. Why DO we watch that show?

Default avatar cat
Oct 11, 2008 12:19PM EDT

I just can't get overIzzie & Dennyloved them (especially him)
George & LexieSo cute together

House & CuddyWating for something to happen between them already

Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2008 8:01PM EDT

I loved Izzy and was the most realistic part of the show.
To be honest, I prefer House and Cameron. House and Cuddy have more of a love/hate relationship -- and even though people say that is what makes them perfect for each other -- it just wouldn't be the same if they were a couple. Cameron seems to be more of a foil to his character and we hardly know anything about her. House has constantly tried to guess why she is the way she is and we have yet to find out. Everyone else on the team has had someone from their past on the show (Chase's Dad, Foreman's parents) but Cameron, we have only seen a picture.I guess it's more of the mystery aspect for me.

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