SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 10-12 Reviewed

Are you ready for some football?? I'm more ready for the drama myself, and there was plenty of that in Episodes 10-12!

In this week's Friday Night Lights batch of SideReel Drama Club episodes, we got more of the Lyla trouble as the cheerleaders really laid into her, poor girl! Obviously, from a high schooler's point of view, cheating on your football (now crippled) boyfriend with his best friend is kind of the most awful thing you could do.

But yet I still love Lyla! As I guess we're supposed to anyway since she's a great character overall. I really liked how they showed how difficult all this was for her, for Tim, for Jason, and for Tyra.

Luckily, Lyla worked it through, leaving us with her kind of back with Jason, and her quitting then not quitting cheerleading.

The stories I found most interesting in these episodes, though, was that of the ever-more endearing Matt Saracen and also that of Tyra with her crazy mom and mom's drunk boyfriend.

That storyline seems a bit typical for a small town show, but the way it was done gave us good insight into Tyra's life which I enjoyed since we haven't gotten much of it yet.

As for Matt, with his dad back from Iraq, things were turned upside-down with even the chance of Matt moving to live with his aunt and uncle.

I recently saw Stop-Loss which is an excellent movie about guys coming back from the war and how they couldn't adjust back to normal life. While Matt's dad wasn't quite that extreme, it was great to see that reality of what's going on at home for these soldiers, and I'm sure a reality of many kids growing up much faster without a mom or dad around. This plus the reality of those families having trouble to adjusting to the soldier back at home.

They couldn't really have Matt move away with all going on with him, but having his dad try to work out how he could go back to Iraq, then that he wouldn't, then Matt realizing his dad needed to go back - all great stuff!

And to see Julie learning about Matt's life and them growing together over real life stuff instead of Matt being a football stud has become one of my favorite storylines going on at this point.

Oh yeah, and the football is going very well too - looks like the Panthers are in for the playoffs! This news discovered at the carnival as the two other teams played it out, right as Coach Taylor and Jason were having a meaningful look at each other for the first time after the Coach was sued by Jason's family - wow.

FNL does a great job with showing these real moments and creating situations that have consequences, yet there's still joy in the situation that's either uplifting or awkward in a tragic way.

I can't wait for more after these intense episodes!

Tune in next week for a review of Season 1, Episodes 13-15!

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