Sex and the City: The Movie Review

Sex And The City: The Movie brought back our fearsome foursome in all their Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha glory!

As a huge Sex and the City fan, I planned to love the movie no matter what, but it truly delivered, even despite my small fears it'd just be one huge, long promo as it opened with a lot of SATC sass and recap of where we'd left all the ladies.

I was afraid they may go over the top with the hype of it all, but once the recap introduction was all done (I suppose for those fans who haven't watched for a while and any crazy people who went who weren't fans of the show), they moved beautifully into the perfection of a story of these ladies five years after their stories wrapped up in the series.

There were a few moments (I won't give any details, I promise), where I wished I didn't know certain details that emerged in the film about certain characters, but for the most part, it was thrilling, emotional, and beautiful to get to catch up with our favorite foursome, and enjoy more of the journey of their friendships and their lives.

The film fit perfectly with the show as it continues with the ups and downs of their relationships, but also the most beloved part of the show: the ups and downs, and the absolute strength and love of the women's friendship.

The greatest part of SATC was that these women stood by each other through everything, and even caused some of those problems along the way, yet became the stronger for it - but not in the cheesy girly-friendship movie kind of way. These women were always absolutely real about all this which cut the cheesiness that comes along with so many friendship movies and shows.

So, all in all, I loved this movie to pieces - it was an emotional ride - definitely not all fluff like it could've been if the right people hadn't been writing it. It brought back all the love, hurt, and emotion of the series with updated twists and stories which capped off the series for the second time with perfection.

So, SATC fans, if you missed out on all the line-standing and big hubbub of opening weekend, most definitely get going to that theater asap with your closest fellow SATC fans!

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