SideReel New Fall Shows Preview: What's Lookin' Good

Not much looks fantastic of the new fall shows, but there are some that look great or at least very promising, so check out what you should tune in to as the fall season starts up!

What looks bad this fall:

SideReel New Fall Shows Preview: What's Lookin' Bad

Lookin' Good!

Fringe (Premieres 9/9 on Fox)

There's been so much hype around Fringe, it's pretty much self-explanatory why this falls on our must-watch list! The plot looks riveting and exciting, it's J.J. Abrams, so done and done (we hope), and it has Joshua Jackson. Maybe that's just a plus for us Dawson's Creek fans, but from the looks of it, he really has a handle, along with the rest of the main characters, on making this show awesome under the knowing and amazing hand of J.J. Abrams. Watch it. Love it. Don't let it get canceled.

90210 (Premieres 9/2 on The CW)

As noted in 90210's SideReel Fall Preview, this show is promising some deliciously juicy drama, but with a different spin than the already hit drama of the CW, Gossip Girl. I'm a little iffy on if the spinoff part of this will do it ill or good, but I think the plot and the cast are looking solid on their own, so I have high hopes of this delivering for the younger audience who never watched Beverly Hills 90210, and its long-dedicated fans as well.

Eleventh Hour (Premieres 10/9 on CBS)

Spooky! I'm not one for the crime dramas, but the promos around Eleventh Hour have certainly pulled me in. It looks like this show could be cool with all sorts of weird and fascinating science-related crime and mysteries, and definitely one for the drama if it can live up to its fast-paced previews. I also have faith in this one because Rufus Sewell is a fantastic actor who does intriguing, fascinating, and a little bit evil better than just about anyone!

The Ex List (Premieres 10/3 on CBS)

This show, maybe just because it stars ex-Grey's Anatomy guest star Elizabeth Reaser, feels as if it'd be a perfect hit for ABC, but since it's on CBS, I trust its hit-possibility a little bit less. But, nonetheless, the previews have my girly-drama senses tingling and I really hope to enjoy this one.

True Blood (Premieres 9/7 on HBO)

Vampire shows have gotten rather... trendy, I suppose. This one looks a little odd (as could be suspected) but pretty very hopeful. HBO always delivers, so even the anti-vampire fan in me has to say this looks cool. The vampires are creepy, but part of the human world in intriguing ways like chatting with Bill Maher about deserving rights, and drinkin' up synthetic blood, and the main character, Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin, is interesting and endearing - and looking to bridge that vampire-human gap which hey, is definitely promising of some good drama including the twist of her mind-reading abilities.


Crusoe (Premieres 10/17 on NBC)

I'm probably being a bit of a sucker for this one because I loved Robin Crusoe, but this looks promising. I'm not quite sure how it will do primetime NBC, but if it delivers the "epic" aspects it promises, it seems it'll draw in the Robinson Crusoe fans and those who like a good adventurous drama.

Privileged (Premieres 9/9 on The CW)

I'm not sold on this one, but Privileged looks like a fun show. We have the main plot of Megan Smith taking on a live-in tutor position for some rich kids, and of course, she gets over-involved in the slightly wild child girls.

Want to know when new shows start up and when your favorites return? Check out SideReel's Fall TV Schedule!

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Large jempurple
Aug 29, 2008 12:59AM EDT

Thanks! I love lists like this :)

Large newrachelimage
Aug 29, 2008 2:13PM EDT

I tend to agree that these are the most promising...and it's not too many shows, now is it?I hope The CW isn't overdosing on their shows about rich kids...I fear that 90210 is going to try too hard to be the next Gossip Girl and they might fail miserably. Same with Privileged.But I love crap like that...even if it's we shall see :-)!

Large newrachelimage
Aug 29, 2008 7:57PM EDT

And...Elizabeth Reaser was annoying me during the latter half of her Grey's run, but I don't really think that was so much her fault, so I'll also be pleased to check out her new show (Ex List). I totally think she has what it takes to carry a cutesy comedy.Also...just noticed that The Ex List has Rachel Boston, who was in American Dreams (JJ's girlfriend). Loved American Dreams and am happy to see her get another job (a lot of the rest of that cast has also been doing pretty well for themselves, especially Brittany Snow).

Default avatar cat
Aug 30, 2008 2:15AM EDT

I'm glad you have faith in Fringe.As totally devoted as I am to J.J. Abrams, I do have serious reservations about just how painfully similar this show looks to The X-Files - Chris Carter, cast, and crew cannot be outdone! But your thoughts have encouraged me and I'm hoping it'll pan out well.

Default avatar cat
Sep 6, 2008 11:13PM EDT

Sorry, but I thought the Fringe pilot wasn´t so convincing, too much reminded me already of x-files. Although I will give it a try for some episodes as Abrahams is behind.
I am looking forward to the new season of Pushing Daisies as its so unique and adorable.
BUT the thing I am really waiting for is DOLLHOUSE !
Whedon has just proved once more, what modern entertainment can look like in "Dr. Horribles Sing-Along-Blog", so I have great faith in Dollhouse...

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