House Season 6: Top 5 Favorite Episodes of the Season

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The 6th season of Fox's House turned out to be one of my favorites as it not only carried on the strength of its medical storylines, characters, and House wittiness, but also brought on the surprises and twists which is rare to find this far into a series! So, as we await House's return this fall, I'm taking a look back at my favorite episodes of a very solid 6th season.

Episode 1 - Broken

I was nervous after the Season 5 finale showed Dr. House committing himself to the psychiatric hospital as it seemed that might just be the show officially jumping the shark into lost cause TV land. But in this Season 6 premiere, not only did we see that the writers and producers of House had a real plan for the storyline, but it was a great one! While it was a little quick to have just one (though 2-hour) episode to push through all of House's experiences in the psych ward, I ended up really enjoying the episode to the point of knowing putting it on this list of fav episodes for the season (and maybe even the series!) was a no-brainer! And on that note, it was mainly getting a peek into House's fascinating brain and seeing something so focused on him outside of the hospital that made this such a fantastic season premiere.

Episode 3 - The Tyrant

While every episode of House has a fascinating medical case and often the cases involve controversial aspects, this case was one that became very influential and intertwined with our characters' lives which I fine the most awesome! This episode included political controversy, moral conflicts for Cameron and Chase which it came to treating "The Tyrant," aka an African politician who'd sentenced many innocent people to death, and let's not forget the guest star appearance of the incredible James Earl Jones as "The Tyrant" himself! This episode also included a serious twist and some serious consequences (seriously!) for an unexpected member of the Chase-Camerson marriage.

Episode 6 - Known Unknowns

You may be seeing a trend here that I'm a sucker for character-driven episodes! In the 6th episode of the season, House crashed Cuddy and Wilson's trip to a medical conference because House decided he had to go for it with Cuddy! (C'mon, even you medical case-obsessed fans have to love a good House-Cuddy storyline.) It was fun to see some House and Wilson time outside of the hospital where House's antics come off as more playful and caring than they do at the hospital... though I suppose House did drug Wilson in this episode, but hey it involved grape and orange soda, so hence the fun! While there was the fun of the House-Wilson interaction, there was also the medical intrigue of House's team working back at the hospital on his case plus House's drugging Wilson for the purpose of keeping Wilson from publicly speaking about his support for assisted suicide. Then, in all that drama, there was also the big reveal of just why Cuddy was not thrilled to see House tag along on the trip!

Episode 13 - 5 to 9

This character-driven episode is not only a fav because we got more insight into Cuddy's personal life which we hardly ever get, but it was done in a creative way showing her day, yes, 5am - 9pm! Oh, what a great understanding we got of why she's always so annoyed with House rolling in whenever he wants, leaving whenever he wants, and popping in to ask her about ridiculous ideas and antics whenever he wants. This episode also gave us some interesting insight into the behind the scenes workings of the hospital and just how much work it takes to not only keep a hospital running, but to support our dear genius of a doctor always costing the hospital plenty of money with those ideas that make him both genius and incredibly dangerous to a hospital's support system.

Episode 21 - Help Me

In the Season 6 finale, a crane crashed into a building causing it to collapse leading to all sorts of medical emergencies, tough decisions, a solid mystery for House to both mess up and to solve as to how and why the crash happened, and also some classic House stubbornness when it came to the emergency patient he took on. This disaster also created a parallel story for House as his patient couldn't be moved because her leg was caught under some of the collapsed building and House got personally involved doing everything he could to save her leg. In the meantime, we also and what I found to be unexpected developments for the ongoing House-Cuddy will-they-or-won't-they storyline. Cuddy and Lucas got engaged and then after a tragic end to House's efforts with his on-site patient, we had a maddening cliffhanger moment of Cuddy appearing at House's place to admit he was always the one for her! But did that really happen or was he hallucinating because he turned back to his pills?? I'll be upset if that scene wasn't real, but I'll have faith in this cliffhanger turning out to be something interesting in one way or another considering the way they really pulled through with the huge iffy Season 5 cliffhanger!

What are your favorite episode from House's 6th season?



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Jun 28, 2010 7:29PM EDT

Agreed on all of those. :)

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Jun 30, 2010 11:33PM EDT

My top episodes areBroken-well it was good to see him in a different setting and proves House can do it a different supporting cast any time-like we didn't already know that.
2.Private Lives-House finding Wilson's porno past was priceless-loved the case
3.The Down Low -great case loved watching Hosue and WIlson trying to oudo each other with Nora the,perfect use of the team
The rest of my top episodes would be Wilson,Baggage,The Choice,Help Me(although the ending seems pretty obvious after extra viewings,The Tyrant,Instant Karma,Knights Fall and Remorse
I didn't like 5-9 it was messy yet dull.Cuddy doesn't take care of legal problems especially minor ones like that,she refers things to legal and human resourses all the time yet in this one she's suddenly doing everything? No way.I think it could have been iteresting but they spread her too thin,her job seems too stressful ,the only time it doesn't seem tedious is when House drops by and except for him,Wilson and the team most of the staff seems to dislike her.

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