Ugly Betty: "Twenty Four Candles" of Disappointment

Finally our Ugly Betty has returned! We left Betty in blissful (though temporary) happiness with Henry, Daniel getting into a suspicious romance with Wilhelmina's sister, and Wilhelmina working her way to Meade baby-dom by holding a pregnant Christina hostage. Ah, the delicious drama on this show!

The greatest, part, though, is always following Betty's ups and downs, which was a bit of a roller coaster this week. It was Betty's 24th birthday, and finally she has a wonderful, amazing boyfriend to celebrate with on a romantic weekend getaway! But of course, reality got in the way.

Poor Betty showed up at Henry's to discover a very pregnant Charlie, though certainly not a Charlie sweetened by the soon to come motherhood! Charlie just happened to get a spot in some pregnancy/baby seminar in New York, so lucky Betty had to give up Henry for the day, and head to work where everyone, including Daniel, forgot about her birthday.

While Betty struggled to find happiness in her birthday anyway by scooping up tickets to a concert and fireworks in the park for the night to salvage her weekend with Henry, Marc was in full-on Marc glory being the evil, yet reluctant, sidekick of the century. He turned to some comfort in a chocolatetini and Wilhelmina way sweeter sister, who, shocker... turns out to be pretty evil herself!

Renee, in a scene with Christina, shows that she has a thing about lighting fires, plus is revealed as possibly hiding something from Daniel with Wilhelmina ominous "ask her about Stony Brook," and then it turns out she's using chocolatetinis against our dear Marc.

She cleverly recorded Marc outing Wilhelmina for cooking up her Meade future with Mr. Meade's stolen sperm, so that makes it pretty clear Renee has something to hide that requires holding this information against Wilhelmina. Intriguing! Especially now that she and Daniel will be moving in together (already!), and in the preview we saw Renee surrounded by flames attacking Betty??

But back to Betty - not too surprisingly, Charlie fakes sick to keep Henry from enjoying the night with Betty, leaving her all alone with a pile of cheese and a mean waiter, and to be rescued by not Henry, but Gio!

Okay, so we saw that one coming. Looks like they're not ready to put the Gio-Betty story to rest. He is pretty darn adorable and could be good for Betty... but Henry's so amazing... but... but Gio... Henry!

Looks like we'll be seeing a showdown next week as not only Betty's attacked (maybe for real?) and Gio and Henry fight (also maybe for real). With the occasional dream sequences on Ugly Betty, you never know!

It looks like Henry is still going to play the "I've got to be a dad" card, so we'll see if this leads to some wandering feelings for Betty, or just a really sad heartbreak when Henry leaves.

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Apr 26, 2008 6:18AM EDT

I love this show and how Henry is trying to 'do the right thing' by being there for his baby but come on. At first I didnt like Gio but he has grown on me and is sooo adorable without being nerdy.But I thought in the series that this show is supposed to be based on that Betty ends up with Daniel.
Anyway, on another note, I love that Mrs Meade has decided to start her own magazine for older women. I like how this show tends to show how even if you make mistakes, they can be turned around...

Default avatar cat

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Apr 26, 2008 7:08PM EDT

Freddy Rodriguez is yummy so I was glad to see the addition of Gio to the Ugly Betty cast. It's obvious that Gio has feelings for Betty but will those feelings be reciprocated?? It seems our Betty is destined to be torn between two men yet again. With Charlie scheming to keep them apart and a baby on the way it doesn't look good for Henry.

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