Survivor: Micronesia's Major Upset!

This week's Survivor: Micronesia was about to go down in Survivor history with one of the most naive Survivor moves ever... but then it went down in history as one of the biggest underdog power plays ever!

Jason has been annoying all the survivors since the merge, and dodged the elimination bullet last week as his alliance buddy, Eliza, was taken out after trying to play Jason's fake immunity idol.

One point Ozzy, zero Jason, one Eliza. Though Eliza was still voted out, at least she got the chance to shake things up for the all-powerful Ozzy by exposing that he had the real immunity idol. And oh did it pay off this week!

All the survivors were set that Jason was definitely the next to go, and he knew it. That meant he was ready to really fight it out when it came to the immunity challenge.

All the survivors had to stand with one arm in the air attached to a bucket of colored water that would dump on them and take them out of the challenge if they lost concentration or control for even a second.

Quite a few of them found the touchiness of the bucket cord out the hard way, including James who was busy laughing about Alexis pulling hers on purpose for food, before Jeff announced they could - major pouting time for Alexis! So those like James and Alexis were a little disappointed as they lost, yet remained foodless, while others like Cirie and Erik enjoyed quitting for some delicious candy. Then, Amanda just plain gave up because she had to go to the bathroom too badly to wait, and eventually we were left after SIX HOURS had elapsed, with just Parvati and Jason.

Parvati was going for getting Jason out to follow their voting plan, and Jason was fighting for his life. That is until Jeff brought out a huge plate of food saying if one of them said they wanted it, they and the rest of the tribe already out would get to share it. And so the wheeling and dealing began!

Jason said he would do it if every single tribe member gave their word that they wouldn't vote for him at tribal that night. So some of the ladies cleverly crossed their fingers then agreed (wow, how old are you?), then everyone followed along agreeing to keep Jason in.

So Parvati it was for the immunity win, and food it was for everyone else - including the gullible Jason! He made it very clear, though, that he was well aware either he just made the dumbest move ever or the smartest. This could win him some "friends" in the game, or just get him right out if the tribe didn't keep their word.

And that was exactly the plan - take the poor dumb kid out anyway. But just as has happened every episode for the last few weeks, some of the tribe schemed to blindside Ozzy to get him and/or the immunity idol out. Each time they don't hasn't been a shock, but has been stupid considering he's basically the one lined up to win the game.

Ozzy was well aware this play could happen, so he said he'd be bringing his idol to tribal... but when it came time to play it, Ozzy was all confidence, and no idol.

And it looked like that was a good move - good thinking Ozzy! Don't waste that idol now, right? Ooh but wait, that tricky Jeff planned the reading of the votes just right - one vote Ozzy, the rest Jason until... Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy! The looks on Amanda and Eliza's faces were priceless! That blindside for Ozzy hit his whole alliance pretty hard, especially since it was Parvati who made it happen.

Farewell, Ozzy - look who's made one of the dumbest Survivor moves now! He's certainly not going to be a cheery jury member, and the camp is going to be a less than friendly place for Parvati now, though she clearly has a new alliance to continue on with.

Next week should certainly be a great one after this big upset, leading just about everyone to rethink their plan and place in this game!

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