The Office: Chair Model, We Have Loved, and We Have Lost

The Office is back in full swing! Last week's return with "Dinner Party" was hilarious and ridiculously awkward as Michael and Jan had a total relationship meltdown in front of their guests, so this week we were back to the office and trying to get Michael back on his feet after the whole disaster.

So apparently that enormous fight ending with police interference was Michael and Jan's break up (who would have thought), so Michael decided he needed to start dating - but before he could, he fell in love... with the now infamous "Chair Model."

Good old Pammy is getting more and more frank with Michael as now after years of dealing with his ridiculousness, she's done being polite... wait is this Real World Office-style? Great.

But Pam's reason for rudeness this time was for the ultimate office Holy Grail - the ultimate chair. Well, for her, a better chair, but whatever works. She was ready to crack down on Michael's catalog chair shopping so she could get his old one, and Creed was pushing for Pam's old chair... and Michael decided he was in love with the pretty woman modeling the chair.

Michael realized he couldn't date this wonderful woman, but he would make his employees all set him up with people via index card suggestions, ending up with him on an awful coffee date with Pam's landlady, and Dwight really and truly tracking down the chair model.

And... she's dead. Wow, that's a morbid yet somehow turned hilarious conclusion to the search. Death at a young age can only be funny when Dwight announces it as some sort of victory to a quest, and then makes Michael get closure on his relationship troubles by no, not talking to Jan, but going to visit the chair model's grave... wow. And then singing "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie" and dancing around... are you kidding me??

On the flip side of the relationship world, Jim and Pam continued in their adorable bliss, and then as we're enjoying another cute Jim and Pam moment, suddenly we're talking about engagement! What?? Jim and Pam already talking in a jokingly serious way about getting engaged?

This all came about by them discussing that Pam will probably get kicked out of her place because of Michael being awful to her landlady, then her saying she should move in with Jim, but that she wouldn't move in with someone unless she was engaged. And then Jim told her it could be coming soon! Again, what?

Then Jim popped out A RING to show the camera! A ring he bought when they'd been dating for a week. Is an Office wedding extravaganza coming? Could it be? Jim and Pam marital bliss forever? What would this mean for the show and all the build up with Jim and Pam over the seasons?

Well, we almost found out as Jim and Pam left the office and Jim got down on one knee... to tie his shoe. Oh, Jimmy. But yes, some of us silly girls including Pam believed it for a second!

Now this adds a whole new element of excitement to The Office - I'm sure it'll be dragged out for a while, but it certainly will keep us on the edge of our seats. Tell us what you think about what's coming up for Jim and Pam:

The Office: Jim Did WHAT??

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