Lost: "The Shape of Things to Come"

"The Shape of Things to Come" marked the (second) return of Lost and the return of the utter state of confusion and awe Lost leaves us in!

We haven't visited with our friends on the boat for a while, but our friends on the beach got a very disturbing visit from one of the boaties - a very dead boat doctor who washed ashore with a slit throat. That's slightly ominous.

Daniel went to work communicating with the boat through morse code, which led to the discovery that Daniel's either more confused by what's happening than we think, or more untrustworthy than we think since he lied, telling the survivors that the boat people didn't say anything about the doctor, but their friends are fine and the helicopter will return soon.

But these survivors cannot be fooled! Bernard busted out with the truth that they said the doctor was there and fine. Either someone's lying on the boat, or something really fishy is going on here.

Could there be more going on with this time difference between the boat and the island than we think? And if the boat's in the future, how would the doctor be fine there, but not in the past?

As usual, more questions. But that certainly wasn't the only boat visitor. More of the gang was revealed as the attackers of Alex, who took her as a hostage to desensitize the fence and get them to Ben. Ben, as always, thinks he still has the upper hand even though his entire camp is under attack and half destroyed, until he sees that they have the only hostage he's not prepared to see die for his cause.

It looked like the death of the episode could possibly be Claire's, but even with a house collapsing around her, Sawyer rescued her just fine. Hm, perhaps a little budding romance? I'm guessing we'll have a few scares now for Claire since her death is a possibility after seeing Kate's future including Aaron.

But this time, Claire was lucky, and Alex was not. So much for Ben always being in control. I guess his fake daughter was his only weakness.

Then we had the true confusion on the island begin, while we already had confusion in some "flash forwards" with Ben in 2005 doing all sorts of bizarre traveling, landing him in a desert, from where he eventually got to Iraq to see Sayid. Is Ben time traveling? Because I'm pretty sure a charter plane wouldn't drop him knocked out in the middle of a desert.

Is it possible Ben's entrance into that weird room in his house after Alex was killed was him time traveling off to do these things in 2005, or was this just all flash forwards, which would fit somewhere before the previous flash forward we've seen of Sayid working for Ben?

What we do know, or rather what else we can wonder about Ben's trip into that room, is that he did something to do with the smoke monster. Apparently that guy's still around and really, really angry. Does Ben control this thing or is that just something we're supposed to be left to think while it's an entirely different kind of force?

Any way about it, the smoke monster caused some serious damage, letting Ben, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, Claire, Aaron, and Miles get out of the house and run away... to find Jacob. Ben actually stopped to say goodbye to Alex, who's life he cost for trying to make the boat guy believe she wasn't really his daughter (which is true), but also that she meant nothing to him. Maybe the evil dude has some feelings after all.

So the gang was off to see Jacob for some guidance, which was Hurley's job to navigate, leading to yet another gun-in-the-face moment with Sawyer saying Hurley's going with him, and Locke and Ben with them... yeah, yeah.

Hurley diffused the situation and went with the Jacob gang, so now what on earth will happen next after all this madness?

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Apr 25, 2008 5:35PM EDT

This was one of the best episodes of this season, but it brought up way more questions than usual. What are "the rules?" Why can't Ben kill Widmore? What the hell is behind Ben's secret door? Can Ben control Smokey? All I know is that Hurley was right...you need to own Australia to win Risk. Go Hurley!
Now lets see what Jacob has to say...

Default avatar cat

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May 1, 2008 12:27PM EDT

best yet, hope the rest of the season lives up to this episode.keep it up.

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