Last Comic Standing: Laughin' it up in NY & AZ!

Last Comic Standing returned with its premiere last night, definitely ready to deliver us those NBC Thursday laughs we'd be missing otherwise!

Last Comic Standing started out in New York and Tempe, AZ last night - New York being where many a comedian has been born and bred, so hopes were high, and Tempe, well, maybe not quite as much.

I'm a big fan of stars of hit NBC shows (past and present) as "scouts" as they make the bad comics who aren't funny turn out hilarious just from their funny reactions alone.

So, for New York we had Richard Belzer of Law & Order, and Steve Schirripa of The Tonight Show and The Sopranos. The line of comics was around the block, so there were some montages of the bad and ugly of the performances including some awful costumes, and some just awful comedians who had no business on that stage.

As for the good of NYC, we had a solid group going onto the showcase held that night, leaving the audience to decide the comics' fate for the next round.

My favorites were the duo of God's Poetry who were pretty hilarious with their goodie-goodie Jesus singing act, Louis Ramey who was gimmick-free, but just plain a solid comedian with good timing and jokes, and the other duo, Stone and Stone, twin brothers whose mouths just kept running together and off each other, but with some pretty good jokes in there too.

While no one really bombed at the showcase, there just wasn't room for everyone, so it was all my favs (yea!) plus some reasonably funny ones, Esther Ku and Dan Naturman who got the golden, or rather red, Last Comic Standing ticket.

As for Tempe, the talent was a little less, but drummed up a couple gems. Our scouts for Tempe were Fred Willard and Kathy Najimy. Both were fantastic choices for Tempe considering its lack of fame for being a comedy town, which definitely brought out some crazies!

Kathy's reactions were golden for some of these crazies as she looked truly terrified by the guy who came out running and screaming, attacking a chair in his spandex with canvas cup outfit.

Then there was the funny-looking, not so funny-making alien man who was in full garb and had this great deep voice that was a little scary to Kathy as she rejected him in hopes he wouldn't come to her house and kill her, which he promised he would... creepy!

As for the funny Tempe kids, Marcus the impressionist got by entirely on his awesome impressions, which I think will continue to do well for him as long as he has some other tricks up his sleeve too.

The rest were pretty funny, but no huge standouts, though I suppose those who will get to prove themselves in the next round including Marcus, Adam Hunter, and Phil Palisoul.

Overall, a solid group moving on to the next round! I'm definitely looking forward to scouting next week with The Office's Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez!

Don't forget to catch Last Comic Standing as it moves to its regular time next week on Thursday, May 29th at 8:30/7:30c!

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