The Office 'Crime Aid': Michael Scott, My Hero

First of all, let me just say that I love Michael Scott. Sure, he's a total moron, but he cares about people like nobody's business.

For instance, what says "I care about you, co-worker I used to hit on and now consider a bff" than getting that co-worker a job at corporate so she doesn't have to sell a kidney and miss out on phone calls to the tune of the Ricola jingle, "Pammalllaa... miss you kiddo!"

He also cares so much about his "friends" in the office that he had sex with one (twice) in the office after hours, then forgot to lock the doors so they got robbed. But wait! Then he held an auction to raise money for them! All better.

Though The Office is getting a little packed with couple drama, I'm loving Michael getting some happiness with Holly because though he does screw up a lot as mentioned above, he actually does really care about people which has led to him getting hurt quite a bit.

I'm curious, though, if this is going to turn into an office issue since the corporate guy visiting Scranton because of the robbery saw Michael kissing Holly at the office. Is Michael risking his position by jumping into another Dunder Mifflin romance?

The other interesting couple developments came from, well, the other couple situations including Jim and Pam with the re-addition of Roy, and the Dwight-Angela-Andy triangle.

I loved Dwight's conversations with Phyllis who tried to be supportive of Dwight's pain when he saw Andy and Angela set a date, but in true Dwight fashion, instead of sitting down to have a chat with Phyllis, he talked into the refrigerator next to her about the situation, then when she spoke, said he was not talking to her, then pulled her into the elevator and pushed her off the elevator onto a random floor.

But he did take Phyllis' advice of giving Angela the ultimatum of breaking things off with Andy, or loosing "all of this," meaning his sexy self, of course. We didn't get an answer for Dwight except for a moment at the auction where it seemed to be coming to Dwight's deadline for Angela's decision, and Angela just returned his death stare.

Could Angela actually marry Andy? She clearly doesn't love him and loves Dwight, but as Phyllis said, Angela is not a risk taker, and Andy is not a risk.

As for those who did take a risk for each other, Jim and Pam, they've been feeling solid and happy together, though missing each other - that is until the non-risk who used to be in Pam's life, Roy, popped back in to shake Jim up.

I hadn't realized that Roy wouldn't already know Jim and Pam were engaged, but I guess no longer working at Dunder Mifflin and probably only staying in touch with the warehouse guys who aren't quite the gossips, it didn't get to him.

So Jim got to pull that one out by telling Roy Pam was doing really well going to design school in New York, and that she was engaged... to him. And Roy, being the jealous idiot he is, hit a chord with the non-jealous Jim as when Jim mentioned she was out all night with her friends, said, "oh yeah, you used to be her friend"... in other words, maybe there's another friend moving on in on Pam just like Jim!

But luckily, even though Jim started to go see Pam with this jealous itch, he stopped himself and turned back around saying, "I'm not that guy. We're not that couple." Yea Jim! You've passed the Roy test.

Overall between the couple drama and hilarious moments plus the fun of the Crime Aid auction, I loved this episode! The Office is definitely holding its own for the 5th season.

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Oct 24, 2008 7:03PM EDT

I agree - this season has had an awesome start! No duds, as opposed to the start of last season, which had a few (in my opinion).I am loving Holly - and the Holly and Michael duo. And I agree that though Michael is stupid we want to cheer him on to be lucky in love finally!And, unrelated, but I had to share my favorite quote of the evening: "I just don’t want my employees thinking that their jobs depend on performance. I mean what sort of place is that to call home." - Michael

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