Entourage: Drama & Ari Freak-out Extravaganza - Take 2!

Wow. An Entourage "all out fall out" indeed, just as that episode title promised! This week's episode was pretty much a hilarious, totally out of hand meltdown for just about everyone - but mainly Ari and Drama.

Who could imagine Ari flipping out? So, it happens every week, right... but this episode brought out a whole different ball game. Ari got a brand new, bright red, super hot Ferrari from his wife for their anniversary, and of course, immediately got into a full-on illegal street race with his nemesis, Adam Davies.

Not only did this lead to Ari smashing his new Ferrari into a school bus after an awesome race scene, but also in him being insanely angry that he owed Davies $100 for losing the race.

But oh no, that was not all! It became utterly official that Ari needs to be committed to a psych ward - or at least take some serious anger management classes - as he started a full-on war with Davies by sending him the $100 in a bag with poop (who knows if it was actually Loyd's... let's not dwell). THEN Davies sent Ari some nice strippers... of the male cop variety, leading to much more battling - ending with Davies sending Ari a nude photo of Ari's wife (the Mrs!) from a film she'd done... THAT leading to Ari in total meltdown, speeding to Davies' office to kick his butt... and bitch-slap him in front of his entire staff. Wow, wow.

So, Ari's amazing. And certifiably insane, but if people didn't know not to mess with him before, boy do they ever know now!

Meanwhile, Vince's career was in major meltdown-mode as he actually signed on to make an appearance at a sweet sixteen party.. ouch. But at least it turned out he just had to sing to the b-day girl instead of being the human center-piece dressed as Aquaman sitting on a giant ice sculpture... yeah, sounds like some easy money! Until Drama decided to spice up Vince's performance by joining in the singing... then right as everyone was having a great time, puking alllll over the giant birthday cake! And again, wow.

Sounds like it's time for Drama to wake up and smell the break-up coffee.

Clearly, a hell of an episode - epically disastrous all around. How on earth will they all recover from this? It's looking like the hole of Medellin is only getting deeper. But, hey, as long as the entertainment keeps kicking, I'm rearin' to go for a whole lot more from these boys as the season continues!

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Sep 24, 2008 2:44AM EDT

I am loving Entourage again this season. I kind of wanted NPH to win the supporting actor Emmy this year over Piven, but damn, he is good!Loved the episode!

Default avatar cat

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Sep 26, 2008 11:45AM EDT

I am loving these new episodes!

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