American Idol: Top 8 Girls are Eighties-tastic!

On Tuesday night's American Idol, the top 8 guys went diva with their '80's song choices, but the girls rocked it out as they performed last night.

We started out with Asia'h Epperson singing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" which was, as the judges keep saying, a big song to take on, but at least Randy, Paula and I agree that she was amazing!

Asia'h has the voice and big yet sweet personality to take her all the way, so she certainly falls in my picks for the top 5.

Also falling into picks for deserving a spot in the top 5 (yes I know we're only ready for the top 12, but it's fun to jump ahead!), are Carly Smithson, Ramiele Malubay, and Syesha Mercado. Brooke White also, but she's a little iffy as she doesn't seem to be able to go quite as big with her performances, though she does what she does very, very well.

Last night Carly wasn't quite as on with her performance of "I Drove All Night." Though she was able to belt it out and do a great job, I agree with the judges that it wasn't quite the right song for her. But she's still amazing and as keeps getting said, she's a real threat to the other contestants.

Ramiele went with "Against All Odds" which worked pretty well for her. She, much like Carly, is just always so right on, but it seems like she's always fresh and almost like one of those who's awesome all the way through, but the other contestants aren't as threatened by because she's so sweet, cute, and tiny - but she has that mighty voice that'll beat them all out if they don't watch it!

Syesha is also always, always amazing! Which leads to the problem of having far too many girls in my favorites because too many of them are just incredible. She didn't rock out quite as much last night with "I'm Saving All My Love," but she did a beautiful job with it that should certainly secure her spot to continue on a lot further.

While these ladies are my favorites, Brooke White has continued to stand out as well, and probably had just about the best performance last night with "Love Is a Battlefield." She made it more of a woman-power ballad while sitting on the stage with just one guy backing her up on acustic guitar. It came across as really strong and beautiful, and her different take on it really worked for her more than it would have as going classically '80's with it with the full band behind her.

So this week's probable cast-offs for the ladies? I'm going to have to go with the sweet but forgettable Kady Malloy, who seemed to be a goner last week, and Amanda Overmyer, who I want to love, but just have to keep putting my 2 cents on that she needs to go.

Amanda is great, but she's just not meant for American Idol. And she seems to be feeling the same way... or at least something along those lines... considering her usual cheery-rockerness that was entirely absent last night while she was basically silent and un-smiling the whole time on stage after her song.

Kristy Lee Cook hasn't been very awesome lately, but her voice will probably keep her going for a little while longer.

So we'll be seeing tonight if Kady, Amanda, and my votes for Luke Menard and David Hernandez for those cut from the guys are what America's thinking too!

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American Idol: Top 8 Girls are Eighties-tastic!


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