90210 Season 2, Episode 5: 'Environmental Hazards' Review - Featured

Last week's promo for 90210's 'Environmental Hazards' promised some serious drama - Naomi... wearing... sweatpants.

Since they didn't show anything else in the promo, I was concerned this episode was going to be incredibly dull, but thankfully, there was still plenty of juicy drama I guess they just didn't feel like putting in the promo.

The first of the drama came with Sasha cleverly getting a pedicure next to Debbie, who she thought was Dixon's girlfriend, only to go on a roller coaster ride of emotions as she thought for a moment Dixon and Debbie were married, then, after the confusion of finding out Debbie had been married for 19 years, she discovered Dixon was this woman's 17-year-old son. Awkward! I would have thought Debbie would find Sasha's up-and-down reactions to all she said odd, but I suppose she was just rolling with the small-talk punches.

The Dixon-Sasha break up played out just as I suspected, minus the "goodbye sex" and her never, ever mentioning the fact that it's illegal for her to be sleeping with someone underage. I guess she wasn't concerned because she was too wrapped up in his lies, but I would think that should factor in a little bit in the thoughts of any adult who discovered someone they'd been dating and sleeping with wasn't even 18.

I suppose we'll see if that comes up later, or if it just wasn't worth the time to go into on the show when they could jump right into more sex.

Speaking of sex, Navid finally found utter bliss with Adrianna as they dove right into a full-on sex life after her guilt sex post-kissing Teddy last episode. Surprisingly, when Teddy kissed Adrianna again at their make-Adrianna-jealous double date, neither Navid nor Teddy's date caught the kiss. I'm glad they didn't as it would be too typical to have Navid standing right behind them, but I'm interested to see how it all goes from here.

I adore Adrianna and Navid, and I'm afraid if Adrianna loses her rock of Navid, she may turn back to her old ways when she's finally gotten her life together. It looks from the teaser of next week's episode she's either talking about telling Navid or did, and that it will have some serious consequences. Here's hoping for some juicy drama, but then a quick happy reunion for the two of them.

As for the other hopeful couple, not only did Liam keep missing the chance to play the tape of Jen talking about having sex with him, but he destroyed all hope of that chance as he deleted the recording! Lame! I understand why he'd think that was the way to go after seeing Naomi kissing another guy, but that's evidence I'd want to hang on to if I were him, other guy or not.

The sweatpants debacle ending up not really being because Naomi decided to go green, but because she gave up on life discovering she couldn't get into her college of choice, and then she decided to fake going green to trick that college dean's son into liking her.

Oh what an amazing message these shows send to teenagers when girls like Naomi use their feminine wiles to get what they want instead of just working hard. Sure, that doesn't often make for good TV, but I adored Joey Potter back in the Dawson's Creek days who was the ultimate study nerd, and Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, who was also an ultimate brainiac, so I think it'd be nice to have another smart character like that running around at least one of these CW shows.

I suppose Liam's turning out to be a smarty though, and we haven't heard much about how the other kids do in school, so maybe we'll get a better indication of their college and life aspirations when more college talk comes about.

While there will be time for college talk later, there seems like there won't be time for Silver to work things out with her mom unless she can find a way to forgive her... about... now. As I'm sure we all were, I was surprised to see Adrianna not calling Navid or Teddy when she called a mystery person saying she really needed to talk to him/her, but instead Silver to go over and tell Silver that her mom had cancer.

Maybe that's Kelly's cue to actually appear on the show again, and/or the writers trying to find something interesting to do with Silver now that she doesn't have a relationship crisis or apparently much to deal with for her bipolar disorder.

And finally, between all that, we had Annie guilt-tripped into hanging out with Jasper, who she seemed to actually like by the end of the episode, but the situation is clearly just leading to some sort of disaster with either Annie telling him the truth or him revealing that he knows.

So what did you think of this week's episode and what do you think will come next? Are you hoping for more Dixon-Sasha drama, or are you ready to be done with that? Do you think it's going to be time to discover how much Jasper knows about Annie? What will Silver and Adrianna do about their new problems, and is there any hope now for Liam and Naomi?



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Oct 7, 2009 5:37PM EDT

Lighten up Kendra...who ever said that statutory rape hurt anyone?! ;-) And...if it took Sasha that long to uncover Dixon's lies, perhaps she is better suited to date a child than someone her own age, because she must be really slow.In all seriousness though, I have been totally digging 90210 this season. Love that there has been more screentime devoted to the awesome Adrianna (and Navid), and far less to the insufferable Annie. Yay!


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Oct 13, 2009 6:23PM EDT

oh I absolutely loooove that Annie's world is falling apart and I would love to her life to go into more of a downward spiral. Maybe if Jasper knew that Annie was the one that hit the guy or suspecting her of that and playing with that.
Oh and this Dixon/Sasha stuff is sooo boring, everything to do with Dixon always turns out boring. Adrianna/Teddy that needs to stop right now! Seriously this just needs to be over! I like the no drama Adrianna!
I am liking the Naomi storylines in this season. I can't wait until she finds out about Jen! It will be juicy and I hope she and Liam will get back together.
I don't really care about this stuff with Silver's mom. I would love for her just to be happy or maybe for her to go back to doing her internet show with would start focusing more and more on humiliating Annie because she keeps getting more scandalous.

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