Entourage: SO the Drama & Ari Freak-out Extravaganza!

Entourage awesome moment of the week for "Unlike a Virgin" absolutely goes to Mr. Ari Gold and his classic yet cut-above freak out while rushing out of a movie screener to talk to E... or rather, to scream at E about what a moron failure he is meanwhile throwing some random guy's cell phone to the floor and kicking some intern's file rack... just because he's Ari.

Ah, yes. Ari is in prime form this season. I have to say last night's episode wasn't as fantastic as the premiere (which is to be expected), but Ari was still high-powering the out-of-the-gates energy that made the premiere great.

As for the rest of the guys, Vince was realizing very quickly that his comeback wasn't going to be as easy as he imagined. He isn't actually doing anything yet except reading scripts and not quite getting that he wasn't that outstanding of an actor before, and now that he's flopped, he's going to have to do far better than his previous films.

He did, though, find himself some luck in the personal field as our now Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester re-appeared since her early Entourage days as no longer good girl, Justine Chapin. This time around, Vince got his girl and seems pretty pleased to be getting together with her - does this mean a new girlfriend for Vince or just a guest star fling?

While Vince was busy winning his old flame, Drama was busy being absolutely hilarious flipping out about his current flame, Jacqueline. Now this is exactly what we should be able to expect from Drama with a long-distance girlfriend - total insanity.

It was great to see the Drama-Jacqueline relationship bummed up from annoying but funny online chat to hitting the wall of distance reality for the paranoid (what, Drama, no!) when he realizes he's lying so why wouldn't she be?? So now will we be left with a break up or a make-up and a more real relationship between the two instead of the silly cooing and apparent lack of desire to actually talk constantly? Could Drama... be mature?

So we're left with Drama a disaster, E and Vince realizing Vince needs to take a different path if he's going to cut it in the biz, and Ari, as usual, being the top-asshole of Hollywood, but as usual actually making stuff happen! Can't wait to see where we land next week!

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RachelL Editor
Sep 15, 2008 4:36PM EDT

Yes...my favorite quote of this episode came during that Ari freak out: "No more indies, E! It's like the Holocaust...never again!"

Sep 15, 2008 9:58PM EDT

To me Ari OWNS this show with Drama a close second. Everyone else is in a supporting role in my opinion, including Vince. Although Lloyd is Terrific!
But without Jeremy Piven this show is a no-show.

Default avatar cat
Sep 16, 2008 6:53PM EDT

Definitely! Jeremy Piven rocks that show for sure. I love his outbursts and he's damn good at making them believable. I think that makes him sexy.

Default avatar cat
Sep 17, 2008 4:15PM EDT

Kudos to Piven. Anyone else notice Lloyd getting fat and running like a duck?

Sep 17, 2008 8:11PM EDT

Ha - Lloyd's duck running was hilarious!! I think I even back-tracked to see it again. He's far too hilarious and cute.

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