In Plain Sight: The Must-See Dramedy of the Summer

Last night brought the premiere USA's new series, In Plain Sight which proved to be a must-watch of the summer!

After taking part in Q&As with many of In Plain Sight's cast members plus the executive producers, I was excited to check out the show, and it delivered!

While the pilot had to get in some introduction of the show and the characters, there was only a smidge of awkwardness around this, and otherwise the story ran smoothly.

Mary McCormack carries the show as main character, U.S. Marshal, Mary Shannon. Throughout the pilot, we got to know her funny yet stand-offish self, along with her relationships including with her partner, a U.S. Marshal named Marshall Mann, who seems to have a pretty good friendship with Mary despite the wall she seems to have up around her.

This could be because he's really as close to a friend as she has, and he's about the only one who can really know what she does with her work with the Witness Protection Program.

I was very interested in how the WPP would play out in the show since in the Q&As, all the cast and the producers mentioned that for safety reasons, their WPP technical advisers couldn't tell them everything about how the WPP operates.

They do a good job in the show of showing what it's like with the information they have, which clearly is still a good amount, and not looking like there's inside info the characters playing the insiders should know but don't.

The premise is pretty fascinating as we follow a main character who not only has a really tough line of work, but has to take the confidentiality so far that not even her friends, family, and some people she works with can know what she knows.

I'm very interested to keep getting to know Mary because as we saw in the premiere, she has a pretty physically focused relationship with her boyfriend, Raphael Ramirez, who sounds like he's going to want more which could be difficult for Mary, plus she has this nutso mother, and now her crack-addict car-klepto sister living with her, plus a partner who's in love with her, a boss who has a crush on her, and a local homicide detective who, seeing her in action, now has a crush on her too.

While this seems like over-kill, it's really subtly done, and I don't think I would've picked up on the Marshall interest in her without the previous knowledge of it.

As for the cases we're shown, this week definitely presented some interesting ones, including what happens when any communication at all is made with the outside world for those in the program. We also saw the element of the Native Americans living around Albuquerque, New Mexico where the show takes place.

This, along with the Witness Protection Program, have never really been dealt with as central themes in a show, so that too should be interesting to see play out.

I have to note though, the moment I was definitely sold on these characters was when Mary called up one of her guys in the WPP pretending to be a ditsy girl who met him back in NY to see if he'd say where he was. So while Mary was pretending to get sexual with her imaginary girlfriend, we then got her fake husband come in on them, aka Marshall standing next to Mary outside by her car.

Marshall's 1950's style "Honey, I'm home... what... uh, what's going on here??" response was fantastic! The humor mixes in surprisingly well with the drama expected from a show involving crime.

Don't miss In Plain Sight on USA Sundays at 10/9c!


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