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This week on Gossip Girl, Jenny turned 16, and she knew exactly what kind of a party she wanted. However, hostess Serena, thinking mainly of herself, had a different kind of party in mind. Guests Blair, Nate, Chuck and Vanessa acted like they were at a swingers party as they played switcheroo.

It was nice to see Jenny off the backburner for the first time in awhile. At a fun breakfast scene (I love the mass chaos, blended family scenes on this show), Serena and Lily made Jenny a wonderful offer to throw her a lovely Sweet 16 party. An underwhelmed Jenny very politely refused, saying that was more of her scene last year, but not this year. She said she would prefer a small gathering with just a few friends and family, some board games and her dad's chili. I can understand their disappointment, but this Jenny's birthday after all, so it should be her choice. And she was very clear about this. So end of story, right?

Not even close. Serena took it upon herself to un-cancel the caterer and put the big bash back on. As an even bigger bash. Why? Because she's selfish. Globe-trotting society gal Poppy Lifton made Serena feel like a mere high-school kid (as Dan later pointed out, that's exactly what she is for a few more months), and she painted Serena as being stuck in a rut. So Serena decided to use Jenny's birthday party to throw an elegant shindig that would put herself back on the map. All the while, she kept trying to convince herself that she was doing this for Jenny.

Jenny, realizing that Serena "hijacked my party" and didn't really "care what I wanted," decided to fight fire with fire: She posted the party on Gossip Girl and soon had Serena lamenting, "You turned my sophisticated soiree into a teenager rager." And so these two buds had their first fight.

I'm gonna side with Jenny on this one. Serena could throw her own party anytime. I know, she wanted to upstage Penelope's party and she wanted Poppy to be there, but what she did to Jenny was horrible. And since Jenny didn't get anywhere by honestly explaining what she wanted in the first place, I can understand why she posted the party. So I was surprised the way no one stuck up for her after Lily and Rufus came home (nice timing on how they got there just as the cops arrived). Dan was all, "I just tried to keep things under control," and Serena and Eric totally turned on the birthday girl, blaming Jenny for causing things to get out of hand.

Then Serena had the nerve to act like she was the one who was wronged. And she split - first she just left the apartment, upset that her mother yelled at her, and then she left town. For Spain. (Again, she's still in high school, but whatever - sure, go run off to Spain for a week.)

Let me back up to the part where I explained that Lily and Rufus returned home - more specifically, they returned to her home, not their home, as they don't live together. Yet. But they were thinking about it. Partly because they thought maybe it was time for that next step in their relationship (after all, Lily's been a widow for nearly four months now), but also as a matter of economic necessity, as Rufus recently found out that Dan doesn't qualify for financial aid from Yale. After refusing to take a handout from Lily, Rufus was more open to the idea of selling the loft and using that money for Yale.

Dan and Jenny, however, were not at all sold on this idea (and I too was hoping this plan would fall through - I would miss that loft set!). Dan, convinced he'll be away at college, expressed his displeasure by mocking Jenny with his rendition of The Jeffersons' theme song (classic Dan, at his best)...

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Default avatar cat
Mar 31, 2009 5:42PM EDT

I agree with you. But then again, part of the show's whole point is that (ok, at least in the books) Serena shines above all else etc, so in that sense it's kind of expected that "everyone" sides with her, or if they don't, the events are shown in a way that the audience will. It's the writers' way of making people care about their characters. Personally I don't like it at all, but what're you gonna do. I wish they'd shown more of Jenny in the end, she just faded away and there was no candles or anything. Serena really ruined her birthday. I was surprised to be glad over two pairings: Blair getting back together with Nate (now that she's calmed down and stopped to think of him only as a trophy, and Nate actually giving a crap this time around instead of smoking joints and pining for blonds) and Chuck and Vanessa getting it on. Nate's character has improved through the show: in the first season I despised him because all he did was mope and be hazy, but recently he's started to show actual interest in things (partly brainwashed, but at least it's something). Still, I find other characters more interesting, but improvements are good. I'm also happy that Dan and Serena aren't getting back together at least for now, because it's just been done already: they're boring when they're together, and annoying when they break up (again). I thought Chuck and Vanessa together was fun and hot: when they talked in the elevator and she went ahead, his smile was too big for his face! The way they talk to each other is fun.

Default avatar cat
Apr 1, 2009 5:32AM EDT

i'm confused about one thing. in the pilot jenny said that the dress she wanted to buy ("i think i can sew something like it at home") was more than their month's rent and all of a sudden rufus is about to sell the loft??
you kinda can't sell it if it's not yours....?

Default avatar cat
Apr 1, 2009 12:16PM EDT

what they probably mean is that if Rufus moves in with Lily, he doesn't have to pay the lofts rent anymore, so he has extra cash; which he can use for yale.

Apr 1, 2009 5:41PM EDT

i dont lyk nate nd blaire 2gether. but chuck nd venessa were kinda hot. its fun 2 watch them 2gether. pluus b iis getting pretty annoying with all the whining, nd den maing plans nd whining again when the plans dont work. Serena irritated me in this episode big tym.

Apr 3, 2009 5:31AM EDT

Noooooooooooooooooooo. Not "Nair"!!!!!!

Default avatar cat
Apr 5, 2009 9:15PM EDT

noo you buy a loft, but you still have monthly rent, it's kind of like a mortgage for a house, you still pay for it until you pay it all off. Or it could just be that they simply didn't think about what was said in previous episodes or think of the pilot and just did something else. Many time the pilot episodes change a bit anyways....
As for this episode, chuck and vanessa completely took me by surprise, but i loveee it!!
Nate and blair..i cant possibly believe that he has no feelings for vanessa, after being with her for how many months? and then breaking up with her just the day before. I think he's more or less with Blair bcus he knows she understands his lifestyle better.
I wasn't too pleased with Serena in this epis and Dan well cant say much with him.

Default avatar cat
Apr 12, 2009 12:07AM EDT

Uuuugh, I'm so irritated that Nate is with Blair! I really liked him and Vanessa and it kinda of felt like Nate just got lazy and gave up on them, then gave into pressure from Blair. He really seemed to fall into this instead of pursuing it willingly.I honestly don't think Blair is a good person (I mean, she can have her moments, but really now.) and don't think that she even deserves Nate. Even though he does make mistakes, I think he is a good person and this whole ending it with V thing seemed out of character or something.I don't think anything will come of V and Chuck. If they ever put Chuck in an actual relationship, it will totally ruin his character and he'll become boring.Also, I don't get Serena's character, she seems like 10 different people sometimes.

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