House Finale: Can House be Forgiven?

*"Wilson's Heart" Spoilers Included!*

Wow - what a House finale! Part 1 of the finale last week, "House's Head," was pretty mind-blowing, and this week's "Wilson's Heart" was heartbreaking to say the least!

Though the relief that House and Amber were not having an affair was nice for Wilson, Amber's death is now partly (or entirely?) House's fault.

Will Wilson be able to forgive him? Will House be able to forgive himself?

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May 20, 2008 11:28AM EDT

When Amber was in the other hospital wasnt she in a coma? if so how did they manage to wake her up later to say goodbye? is that actually possible? and she said 'im dead', was she actually dead? im so confused!
and i think wilson will forgive house. i wouldnt say it was his fault, it was because of him that she was on the bus but he didnt force her onto it.

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May 20, 2008 11:48AM EDT

I had to ask my mom about that too:
She was in a coma because he heart was beating too fast her brain overloaded and put her in a come.
In the ambulance when she went into cardiac arrest they froze her to slow her heart beat, and eventually stop it.
At the Princeton Plainsboro, they had the machine bump her heart for her. I guess something they gave her controlled her brain, so with the machine acting as her heart, they just warmed her up, which woke her up.
She knew once the machines were turned off she would die. It was like taking out her heart, the couldn't live without them.
On the other note, I think next season will be all about Wilson forgiving House, and House helping himself (plus a bit of 19's Huntington's). I don't think it will instantaneous!
I think House's general recklessness IS to blame. But something like that everyone's to blame (Wilson being on-call, Amber going to get House, then getting on the bus, House not going home with Amber and instead taking the bus, House giving her another drink).
It was GREAT though!

May 20, 2008 2:19PM EDT

If Wilson is mad at House, it is only because he is dealing with losing Amber and doesn't want to put the blame where it truly lies (with Amber). When Wilson starts to move on he will realize that Amber's overdose was her own fault and he will see that without House, she never would have been diagnosed, and he would never have been able to say goodbye.
House never did anything wrong in the episode. He even told Wilson (during the shock therapy on his hypothalamus) that he was upset when she came to the bar herself. He had no intention of spending any time with her whatsoever. The bus crash was unfortunate, but without it, Amber's heart would have been racing even faster with more activity and her liver would have failed even earlier, and no one would have found out why.
House gave him the ability to wake her up from the coma and say goodbye. He was able to give a dying girl her last wish, and give his best friend the closure he needed.
Wilson might be angry with House for an episode or two, but I think that this will actually bring them closer OR Wilson just goes into a downward spiral and starts drinking. He might move away forever to get away from House, because House reminds him of Amber. People do funny things while they grieve. Then it will be a huge part of season 4 for House to go find him and make peace and bring him back. Either way, I think that House and Wilson will be closer friends before the end of the series.

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May 20, 2008 2:38PM EDT

You might watch to much TV but you don't pay attention worth a crap. Your whole statement is wrong....First off...Amber didn't O.D. She was taking medication for the flu. When she was in the bus crash it damaged her KIDNEYS ( the part of the body that expells stuff like medications). Once those failed she couldn't get rid of the meds and got amantadine poisoning. Problem is amantadine really does bind to the proteins in your body so dialysis wasn't an option. She was screwed. She wasn't woken up from a coma. She was originally in a coma from the bus crash and the tachycardia( increased heart rate). When they froze her they put her on bypass and kept her sedated. BIG DIFFERENCE. She would still be alive and taking meds for the flu if she stayed off the bus. I believe she even said that before she died. Also this was the end of season 4. Next is season 5. Please get your facts straight before saying things you know nothing about.

May 20, 2008 3:10PM EDT

Did I miss something or did Wilson and CB (okay, she is dead...Amber) get married in an unaired episode? House suggested that her HUSBAND had the ability to move her from one hospital to Princeton Plainsboro. Then later in the episode Cuddy referred to House at the attending and Wilson was Family. Foreman also referred to Wilson as family.
Did anyone see a ring?

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May 20, 2008 3:56PM EDT

They didn't get married as far as I know. I thought of it as House was hinting that Wilson was her husband (although not) so that he had the right to make the call to move her to Princeton, and Wilson of course played along. Cuddy was treating him as if he were family because of his close relationship with Amber.

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May 20, 2008 7:42PM EDT

I never thought it was House's fault...House didn't made the bus crash. He didn't even know that Amber was gonna go to the bar. However, he did risk his life just to remember...
I know that Wilson is going to be angry for the whole of season 5, and I understand why, but he is wrong...
House is probably the best TV Show that can be seen nowadays.

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May 24, 2008 1:27PM EDT

I think some people are confused to how amber died,
She took cold medication, which caused poisoning and an OD because her kidneys had failed. If her kidneys had not failed it would of separated the medication from her blood as per normal and passed through waste.
If the crash had not happened amber would of been fine. however, if you listen to formen as he is briefing the crew, about amber/house. I think he says that her heart won't restart, so even if they found a way to seperate the medication from the proteins in the blood/ do a full body blood transfer, her heart was toast, and she would of died on the ambulance. house and wilsons call to ICe her down only gave wilson a chance to say goodbye. Gave house the realization that him being unhappy is ruining others, and this house -cares- about
its a big deal, next season will rock

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May 27, 2008 4:43AM EDT

wow..i have never been so heartbroken, not even with the babies dying episode. This is like the most heart wrenching episode...almost made me season finale of house is amazing!!!
Can't wait for SEASON 5!!!

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May 28, 2008 9:53PM EDT

Its to bad Amber died. Willson has had so many failed relationships!!!Oh well maybe it was for the best.

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May 29, 2008 12:21AM EDT

i thought it was the medication that killed her.she would have died even if she hadn't been in the bus accident.

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May 31, 2008 8:13PM EDT

In answer to the husband question... Wilson would have had no power in making any decision regarding Amber's medical care unless he was an IMMEDIATE relative, ie parent or spouse. I think House referred to Wilson as her husband for the hospital's staff's sake, in order to imply (falsely) that Wilson had the authority to move her to Princeton-Plainsboro.

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May 31, 2008 8:32PM EDT

Oh yeah, and the above posts were correct: the only reason she died is because she happened to have her kidneys destroyed. The main mechanism through which amantadine (the particular drug Amber was taking) is cleared from the blood is through the kidneys. If the kidneys are destroyed... no more excretion! The drug action involves binding to a specific protein, and drug + protein is a pretty big complex. When dialysis is performed, the machine filters the blood: large proteins are not removed. The only part I have a problem with is why a doctor would have been taking this particular drug in the first place. While amantadine IS approved to treat influenza A (the "flu,") the mechanism is not well understood. This particular drug's main use is in the treatment of Parkinson's... and it comes with lots of nasty side effects. Maybe it was a REALLY bad case of the flu?? All in all still a great episode from the medical point of view!

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