Fringe Premiere Reviewed: Perfectly Creepy with the Smarts to Match

Just like everyone else who's been inundated with all the Fringe hype, I was expecting a lot, with maybe a bit of disappointment after so much hype. But I felt I could put my trust in J.J. Abrams to make another awesome show, and I believe we were all right who did so!

I found the plot very interesting and smart, though more Alias-Lost-The X-Files than I'd like.

Having seen every Lost episode and only some of Alias and The X-Files, I found the most annoyances in feeling like I was watching Lost with the music swells at just the right moments, and of course all sorts of symbols that mean stuff we probably won't know for quite a while, and then the end of the episode was incredibly Lost-like as we got a big mystery leading to more later as the guy wheeled the dead Agent Scott into a large and mysterious room for "questioning," though he's dead.

Yes, we understood that he could be "questioned" until he'd been dead for 6 hours and he'd been dead for 5, so that explanation was already given, but they were also doing the whole swelling music thing while introducing a whole underground world of who knows what connected to Massive Dynamic. (What a name, by the way.)

I really enjoyed all the creepy oddness going on that was original and intriguing with the mystery of what happened on the plane and all the other strange "fringe" science things going on, plus I'm very intrigued to see how Anna, Peter, and Dr. Bishop will advance from here. And hey, can we really not love a show that does crazy things like have people mysteriously melting on a plane with that amazingly gross extra of the pilot's jaw falling off - love it!

The twists surprised me like discovering the bad guy was actually working for John Scott and then him surviving it from Anna saving him, only to try to run her down in a car chase and take himself out instead.

The entire episode was very well done including the characters, though Joshua Jackson's character needs a little work to really be part of this genius team. Otherwise, I think he was pretty great and Dr. Bishop and Anna are fantastic.

Fringe is, and I'm sure will grow into, a very big hit - we'll just have to see if fans of other Abrams shows like Lost will stick around if they get suspicious the mysteries will just continue to be dragged out forever and ever. Otherwise, I'd say the Fringe premiere delivered a strong pilot and has an incredibly promising season ahead!

What did you think? Did the Fringe premiere get you hooked?

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