Comedy of the Week: Arrested Development Guest Stars

Arrested Development has a fantastic regular cast, but to add to the wonders of the Bluth family, a whole lot of guest stars popped up as well!

Check out all of the Arrested Development guest stars and recurring roles here:

Arrested Development Notable Guests

Enjoy some great guest star moments with these Hulu clips and comment on who makes your list of favorite Arrested Development guest stars!

Ben Stiller - Tony Wonder

Video: Magical Assistant

Zach Braff - Phillip Litt

Video: Bananas and Nuts

Martin Short - Uncle Jack

Video: An Unexpected Social Visit

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Maggie Lizer

Video: Heightened Smell

Liza Minnelli - Lucille Austero

Video: Talk With Lucille 2

Amy Poehler - Wife of Gob

Video: All Chain

Henry Winkler - Barry Zuckerkorn

Video: Meeting with the Lawyer

Charlize Theron - as Rita Leeds

Video: Stood Up

Christine Taylor - as Sally Sitwell

Video: In Love With Sally Stickwell

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Large newrachelimage
Aug 7, 2008 3:18PM EDT

Awesome roundup.Zach Braff = amazing!

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