The Good Wife Season 1, Episode 1: 'Pilot' Review - Featured

CBS's new legal drama, The Good Wife made its premiere last night!

While I enjoyed it, I agree with the San Francisco Chronicle's Tim Goodman who posted his early review of the Pilot yesterday - "Julianna Magulies... gives a strong, winning performance as a promising lawyer who gave it all up 13 years earlier to start a family and support her husband.... And yes, you could probably write a few of these episodes yourself." ( 3 new dramas look good, but not great)

Magulies does a great job of carrying the show and playing an intelligent woman thrown back into the workforce after being away for 13 years due to her husband's big political career and taking care of her children. But... there was something missing. The storyline is interesting enough, but basically it's just a unique premise for why we're being presented with yet another legal show.

Also, while Magulies does make for a strong lead, I didn't get a good sense of her personality from the premiere to the point that I really care enough about her story to watch another episode. I think my main reasons to watch the next episode is that it's a Tuesday night without a huge amount more on, and I hope it'll get more of a hook soon. While I'm not hugely attached to her or her renewed legal career yet, I am very curious about how her husband's trial will go and how she'll deal with either standing by him, or leaving him which would obviously cause huge media buzz.

Just as Magulies' character, Alicia, tells her friend in the pilot, she assumed when she watched other women in her position standing next to their politician husbands who'd become corrupt politically and sexually, that she couldn't imagine doing anything but wanting to kill him and have nothing to do with him immediately. But yet, she stood by him. So, for the sake of being curious about how things could really be happening behind the scenes with real life political scandals like this, I'm curious to see how she proceeds from here.

So what did you think? Did the premiere pull you in more than it did for me with either the legal case or Magulies' charm? Are you bummed the sexy Chris Noth isn't going to be a huge focus beyond her dealing with his situation? Do you plan to watch more to see how The Good Wife carries on or are you saving your DVR space for more fascinating legal dramas?



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Sep 23, 2009 2:35PM EDT

I didn't want that hour of life back, so it's off to a good start in a way... I see potential in the show, but agree that nothing has happened to "hook" me yet either. I see a lot of possibilities, but no strong indicators that things will go one way or another. For now, I will make time for it, for the same reasons mentioned above - there's nothing more exciting drawing me in on Tuesday nights at the moment.


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Sep 23, 2009 5:39PM EDT

i love the show but then again i loved magulies last outing in a court room law and order trial by jury and as that was shelved i expect this one to go the same way mainly because ppl don't like shows like this it's going to take a while for ppl to get used to it and the networks don't seem to have time to wait

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