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It was prom time on 90210 this week, because apparently Beverly Hills doesn't stick to the typical senior or junior and senior proms, but has to throw a sophomore one in there too. But luckily, it was a cause for plenty of drama as it was Silver's unwanted chance to re-integrate herself with the West Beverly kids, Naomi's chance to go on a magical date with Liam, Annie's chance to try to prove to be a nice girl, and oh so much more.

I was surprised to see the Jen money situation come up so quickly after we just discovered last week that Naomi's sister was taking advantage of Naomi's money, but I suppose while Naomi did bust her this week, Jen still didn't tell the truth. I'm not sure if she's planning to in some way take advantage of Ryan as well, but considering he's a teacher, if she is using him, it's probably just to upset Kelly which is clearly working.

While I expected the biggest drama of the prom to be Adrianna going into labor while Navid was beating up Ty (since the promos played that part up), that ended up being a minor detail near the end which I'm sure will actually be a big deal in next week's finale. Instead, our main drama came from that Jen-Kelly situation previously mentioned, as well as Annie's dorky date, and Silver's surprise prom queen win.

Silver got back to her old self accepting her crown as instead of being thrilled the West Bev kids accepted her like Dixon was hoping she would be happy about, she told them that being a prom zombie and caring what others thought was exactly who she was not. So while she remembered the blogging hater self she missed, Dixon stood there feeling like a foolish zombie prom king.

Do I smell a break up and an Ethan hook up?? Well, maybe at least a break up for Dixon and Silver, but the fact that Ethan is supposed to be leaving the show really puts a damper on any other hopes for his character.

As for the other rocky couple of interest, Naomi got a break from her delusional creation of her relationship with Liam in which it seemed he didn't care at all, and just liked hooking up occasionally. As Naomi and Liam strolled through the New York set right by the prom, she realized he actually did really like her, and right when I thought he was going to burst out saying something to break her heart about how he really came to have the black orchid corsage for her, he said, yes, it was because he really liked her. And then as the fake snow came falling down, they finally had a real romantic moment!

But all that was shattered quickly as we got the preview for next week where it looks like Liam hooks up with either Jen or Annie. Now that's trouble! Looks like either Liam is that confused hottie who just can't commit, or he's really just a big jerk. I suppose if it is Annie, that volcano exploded after getting her "nice girl" feelings hurt by her dorky prom date. But really, does she think she's so special to say something like, "well I knew you really wanted to go with me," and think that's not insulting? Maybe that along with the accusations of blowing the after-prom party will make her lose it, and maybe that's just meant to make us think she's going to lose it. Either way I'm very interested to see if Annie gets less annoying if she stops pretending to be the nice, innocent Kansas girl she was when she arrived in Beverly Hills.

We have plenty to look forward to for the finale with an Annie and Naomi showdown over Liam, a probable birth for Adrianna, and who knows what to make it reasonable if Ryan and Ethan don't return to the show. Sounds like a pretty great finale to me! Do you expect we'll get some good resolutions or just new problems for a big season end cliffhanger?

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May 13, 2009 11:10PM EDT

Umm...what was with the red carpet for prom?

Default avatar cat

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May 18, 2009 10:07PM EDT

my graduation had a red carpet and like 20 photographers taking pictures of us in front of back drops with our high school name... so it didn't seem oddball to me..
I know the season finale is going to leave us with some dramatic cliffhangers (they always do) but at the same time I strongly believe there will be some fairly large conclusions. This show has been fairly predictable since the beginning, something tells me that isn't about to change.

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