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Oh, how I love having True Blood back! I really enjoyed the premiere episode, but this week's episode, 'Keep This Party Going,' delivered even more awesomeness.

I'm loving the new Eric who for some reason is all about a new look, including being upset about getting blood in his hair after ripping apart the redneck. But even better than making Lafayette check for blood in his tin-foiled hair was definitely Eric meeting up with Bill at the mall in a blue jogging suit! This new look along with Bill's comments of liking the look did a great job of getting rid of the vampire-lovin' saleswoman - who knew True Blood could do shopping mall man-love jokes so well or at all??

But while Eric's all about his new... softer?... look, he's still all business. Not only did he not think twice about tearing the redneck apart, but he isn't backing down about his need to use Sookie's abilities. I did find it interesting, though, that while Eric will probably take Sookie, when Lafayette revealed that Jason was the one who vamp-napped Eddie, Eric was not willing to mess with Sookie's brother. I'm not sure Sookie's connections will be able to keep Jason safe forever considering he's off at vampire-haters breeding camp, but while Jason's predicament is intriguing, there's a lot more to wait to develop there. Meanwhile the waiting was over for the highlights of drama for Jessica and Lafayette!

With plenty of vampire feeding and murdering, there's always been a lot of grossness on True Blood, but one of the worst moments so far came this week with Lafayette digging out a piece of the dead redneck's magnetic hip to use as a tool to bust open his chains. I feel sick just picturing that moment of digging around in the muscles, guts and blood, ugh! That was probably the most genius and disgusting escape plan ever.

While that part of the plan was genius, the rest was just a disaster. He made it up into Fangtasia, only to be confronted and accidentally shot by the waitress, leaving him seriously injured and back in the hands of Eric. But wait!

While Laf was bleeding to death in front of three hungry vampires, he had the smarts and bravery to suggest that they turn him into a vampire. "Not only will I be a baddass vampire," he told Erc, "but I'll be your baddass vampire."

I would love to keep Laf around as a vampire because that would be an amazing character change for him, but when Eric considered that option then invited the other vampires to feed on Laf, what did that mean? Does that mean they'll feed, then turn him, or just feed and let him die?

But while we ponder that, the already turned vampire, Jessica, went off the handle! Sookie, feeling guilty for taking Jessica away from her family, was dumb enough to take Jessica for "just to look" at her family's house. This of course led to Jessica not keeping her promise and going up to the house, but the surprise? She wanted to punish her father for beating her now that she had vampire power! So we got the tense and amazing scene of Bill appearing, glamoring Jessica's little sister into inviting him in, then us being left hanging with Bill livid with Sookie and ready to clean up her mess, whatever that means!

Oh the cliffhanger! With all that drama taking up most of the episode, we're not only left wondering what will happen with Jessica's family and Lafayette, but also what on earth the deal is with Mary Ann's powers, yet again!

So what do you think will be revealed next week around all this drama?


Jun 22, 2009 3:01PM EDT

For some reason, Mary Ann comes off as a devil, but I have a feeling that the painting that was shown in her house is a portrait of herself... Awesome recap, good stuff!And, as for Jason, that man is gorgeous especially during the capture the flag game... and I think he is starting to feel some sort of regret.. though, not full out, but if him remembering the death of his kidnapped vampire means anything then I would suggest that he is starting to regret something... I don`t know if he fully knows what he is doing at that camp.

Large 1323470045 slips
Jun 22, 2009 5:06PM EDT

Awesome recap. Isn't great how True Blood started with a bang and just picked up the momentum? I'm loving it.- A funny thing though, I'm from Denmark (close to Sweden) and both languages are very close to one another; At first I didn't understand that Eric spoke Swedish (he does it while discussing the news of Jason being a vampire killer), but after the first sentence or two, it was no mistaking it. Very easy to understand and kudos to the actress for her accent (I'm guessing she doesn't speak Swedish) but she was surprisingly good -no weird accent at all.

Jun 22, 2009 5:30PM EDT

loved this episode looks like being a good season once again i loved how Mary Ann got the whole bar jumping she can come for a drink with me any time poor Lafayette i hope they let him live even as a vampire and every time some one called him a homo or makes a comment about his food he could have so much fun with them as for Jason and his gang of god lovers its time they were vampire food

Default avatar cat
Jun 23, 2009 2:15AM EDT

Eric is Swedish; actually originally he's a viking from circa A.D. 1000. It would be great if we got some Eric flashbacks this season!

Default avatar cat
Jun 23, 2009 10:36PM EDT

this season is so much better and hv to admit even better than the book. The writers basically took a gd story and made it brilliant. And the genre is amazing, comedy, drama, horror with scenes as gross as saw....just keep getting better

Default avatar cat
Jun 24, 2009 2:27AM EDT

Laf better be a VAMP! He brought so much to last season. I laughed my ass off at his antics! We need him back forever! I think Eric will take him up on his offer.

Default avatar cat
Jun 24, 2009 2:29AM EDT

I call that Jason is going to do the dirty with the church camp leaders wife!

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