Episode Five, "Let It Go"

last week's Private Practice was all about getting elected, this week's is about what happens to all the lofty campaign promises once the election is over. All of our doctors have lofty dreams or plans for the future (and chips on their shoulders about the past), and this episode sees everyone realizing that sometimes, you've just got to . . . let it go. To chat about it, just read more.

Having Addison in charge is already causing problems at Oceanside. No matter what authority she now has, she's still the newcomer, and that means there's just a lot she doesn't know about the practice. Take Jenna: Addison sees a 17-year-old dying girl whose last wish is to have a baby with her reluctant husband and thinks it's ridiculous. Everyone else sees a patient who's been with them for ages, who's been through a terrible battle, and who's unfairly dying young. On that matter, Addison comes out ahead; though everyone is angry with her for interfering, they also realize they should have said no to Jenna long ago.

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