Survivor: Micronesia's Tribal-Abuse, Jungle Sutures, and Shark Wrangling!

The inevitable tribe switcharoo came last night for the fans and favorites on Survivor: Micronesia. This was exciting for the fans as they got to start getting to know their beloved Survivor stars.

For the fav team's couples, this left Ozzy and Amanda together, but James and Parvati split up.

And Ozzy, while seemingly much more focused on the game, made sure to point out that Amanda's wrangling of the 4-foot shark from their fishing net was darn attractive to a guy like him. Aw, cute... I think.

But there was another pair that drew much more interest with their lovers (or really haters) quarrel: Joel and Chet. In the immunity challenge, pairs had to be harnessed together and chase down the other team's pair to get their flag, but of course, this was also with an obstacle course to make it more tricky and a lot more painful.

So at first Joel yelling at Chet and dragging him around seemed a little humorous as it just looked ridiculous, but Joel wasn't kidding around. He banged Chet's head around the obstacle coarse, and just let him get dragged through the mud without a care in the world - okay, actually plenty of care - the really scary angry kind.

Yet no one seemed all that concerned. This could be the next Sue-Richard incident where she was upset at the time when the "incident" of Richard rubbing up against her naked in a challenge, but then much later, she blew it up into an enormous sexual harassment issue.

So... will little chicken-man Chet press charges for "tribal abuse" later? Maybe he'll just be pleased enough with the fact that the vote flipped from himself to blind-sighting big ol' Joel out of the game.

As for next week, the pain only continues as Jonathan's knee that got gouged in the nasty immunity challenge turns serious. This week we saw the medics come in and stitch him up, but next week, the boding line... "if an infection like this gets into the blood stream, it could be fatal."

And the also fatal, as far as continuing in the game, belief that Ozzy's badly carved fake immunity idol is for real... look out survivors!

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Survivor: Tribal-Abuse, Jungle Sutures, and Shark Wrangling!


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