90210: Model Behavior

For the first time watching the new 90210, I actually enjoyed the storyline for Kelly and Brenda, though it's still a bit less enjoyable knowing we'll never see most other past cast members appear on the show to work with some of the drama going on around their absent characters.

But nonetheless, it was good to see Kelly and Brenda hash out the past a little as Kelly confronted Brenda about why Dylan was calling her when supposedly he wanted to talk to Kelly, and we worked out all those little kinks of their cheery friendship that Beverly Hills 90210 fans know well wasn't always the case.

So it's now entirely clear that Dylan is Sam's dad, and Kelly hasn't quite let go... and maybe neither has Brenda... but wait - she's deleted him from her phone! Does that mean she had bad intentions and didn't want to be tempted by being able to call him or just trying to be totally clear of her old self and any possibility of hurting Kelly?

I guess we'll get a better idea of all that when Kelly returns from her trip with Sam to visit Dylan. Yeah, no worries Kelly about caring for your confused teenage sister you just took away from your crazy alcoholic mother.

But besides that news for Silver, she also had a run-in with the romance of the modeling world which you'd figure she'd be immune to not being the usual Beverly Hills girl, but it was good to see even she could be a little swayed like a normal teenager.

Of course, though, she couldn't just learn her lesson through rejecting the loser agent herself, but a scene had to be had!

Dixon jumped in right as Silver was handling things herself to tell the guy to leave her alone, leading Debbie to get involved with the whole dramatic scene of the guy calling Dixon a thug, Debbie very insulted informing her client it was her son, leading to, "Oh yeah, who's the baby daddy?" and... Dixon kindly asking his mom to step aside so he could punch the guy in the face.

Oh drama, drama. But luckily it didn't get Debbie fired, so not much harm done besides losing a client.

As for the other scene at this runway show, Naomi discovered making her parents be in the same place was not the solution to their marital problems. Instead, it was just humiliating as it led her dad to yelling at both Naomi and her mom that it was over - oh the public scandal!

This also led to a conversation of double-meaning between Naomi and Ethan as they talked about how this time it was really over... for her parents, and apparently for them as well.

So now with the Ty issue resolved for Annie, but left at just friends, does this mean it's time for Annie and Ethan to get together? I guess we'll see!

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