True Blood Season 2, Episode 6 'Hard-Hearted Hannah' Review - Featured

Last week's True Blood episode was great as usual, but felt like more of a set-up episode for what was to come, so I was excited for this week's 'Hard-Hearted Hannah' where it seemed like lots was ready to go down!

And oh, yes, plenty was to go down! The main expectations from last week's set-up were that we'd see Sookie try to infiltrate the Light of Day Institute, and we'd find out who that dark and mysterious lady vampire was at the end of the episode. Both of these were fulfilled beyond what I expected, and we got oh so much more plot development as well!

For Sookie, we quickly discovered how she got the fake fiance teased in the promos. As it turned out, their Dallas vampire "friend," Isabel, was also dating a human, Hugo, who she thought would do nicely to make Sookie seem more trustworthy. After all, a woman less a man never seems quite right to the world, which even as progressive as Sookie is, she knew that was the truth from plenty of single days of her own.

So we got Sookie just sweet as her Southern pie self meeting Sarah with her "fiance," as they were trying to find a church for their wedding. I assumed that would be automatically suspicious since most truly church-going couples would just get married at their regular church, but luckily they thought through that and informed Rev. Steve that they left their church because they suspected their minister of being the worst thing of all (even worse than a homosexual - gasp!!) - a vampire sympathizer.

And so it seemed Sookie and Hugo had won over Steve and Sarah, but unfortunately, a few mind-reading moments later, Sookie realized they were in some very serious danger. Yes, Rev. Steve revealed via his thoughts in his office that they were keeping a vampire in the basement (presumably Godric), but then along the tour of the church, he also revealed that he knew who Sookie was.

Unfortunately, even Sookie's abilities couldn't save them as Steve could assume Sookie wanted to leave because she picked up on his thoughts about her, so it was down into the scary basement for the fake, vampire-lovin' couple! Sounds like they just may find what they were looking for sooner rather than later, but when you're tied up in the basement of righteousness next to the vampire you're looking for, you're not going to do him much good.

Of course we got the moment of Bill sensing Sookie was in trouble, but we won't get resolution on that quite yet. Also, Bill has the little issue of his maker, the vampire woman we were left wondering about at the end of last episode, who Eric invited to sway Bill away from Sookie.

And so, with all the gross, outrageous, and horrifying things that have happened on this show, we got one of the worst yet - a flashback of "the good ol' days" for Bill and his maker. Turns out Bill was not always such a human and Tru Blood-lovin' vamp, but instead, he used to be far, far worse than those he now criticizes!

We got the gloriously disgusting scene of Bill back in the 1920's at a hotel with his maker where they seduced a couple to not have the foursome the other forward-thinking couple was hoping for, but instead to gorge on them in front of each other, then to have sex on the bed dripping with blood while the poor woman lay breathing her last bloody breaths. Di-sgusting!

Now I can imagine with those kinds of horrifying experiences why at some point Bill turned against that life, but I'm very curious how he was able to cut things off with his maker and turn to such a different life. And by the by, how would Sookie feel if she knew about those days of Vampire Bill?

Also, just how much power does a vampire's maker have over him or her? Bill's maker seemed to believe when talking to Eric since Bill hadn't seen or talked to her in 70 years, she couldn't overpower him now. But yet when she got all over Bill himself, she was all about the fact that her blood ran in his and that was extremely powerful. So will she be able to hold Bill back from saving Sookie?

While we'll have to wait for that betrayal or love to shine through, the betrayal vs. love moment we were waiting for between Daphne and Sam came this week to epic proportions! Okay, so in full True Blood fashion, we were still left hanging on a big portion of it, but while we don't know what on earth MaryAnn wants to do to Sam and why, we do know that Daphne is controlled by the beast who gave her those nasty scratches, and I'd say that cute romance is very over, if Sam even survives!

While the massive orgy was pretty distracting during this whole situation, I don't think anyone watching was distracted enough to wonder why it was important for Tara and Eggs to be lured there to be part of the madness, plus what on earth is going to happen with that knife Sam spotted? This is looking like an awfully sacrificial situation... and I'm guessing if that's the case, Sam's the sacrificial animal.

While I love True Blood for being utterly bizarre and continuing to introduce new oddities, this sacrificial scene was a little much. I can only hope they make that more interesting than MaryAnn being this beast-witch that needs the occasional sacrifice for whatever weird cult thing she may be a part of. I'm assuming it's not quite that simple, but I'll remain skeptical about this turning out to be awesome until I see what it's all about.

So we were left with Sam about to be sacrificed, Sookie down in the mysterious church basement with the assurance that Rev. Steve is a nutty vampire-hater and killer, the knowledge that Jason is indeed in an army being trained to start a human-vampire war, and with the facts that Bill just may not be to the rescue this time. Jason may not be that helpful either if he discovers his sinner sister's predicament.

But I'd say there's still some hope for Jason to turn back around since he didn't exactly stick to that new "Jason Stackhouse, abstinent" thing for more than 5 minutes. Maybe giving in to sleeping with the hot minister's wife who's "not married in her heart" will also make him abandon his other new ideals like wanting to kill vampires and anyone who associates with them.

So what do you think comes next for all this crazy situations? Will Godric survive or will we see that platform come into use before Bill or Eric can save him along with Sookie and Hugo? What will happen to Sam, and even Tara and Eggs, sucked into the madness of MaryAnn's powers?



Default avatar cat
Jul 27, 2009 6:23PM EDT

I think the obvious will happen. Jason and his new girlfriend will notice about Sookie being held and in trouble. So they create a set up for her husband to make an escape possible for Sookie Godric and the other guy

Default avatar cat
Jul 27, 2009 9:53PM EDT

Pretty sure that Eric knew Sookie would be captured - why else unleash Bill's maker on him at that opportune time? Eric's got something up his sleeve for sure.

Default avatar cat
Jul 28, 2009 12:02AM EDT

does anyone have any idea WHAT maryann is??

Jul 28, 2009 7:17AM EDT

what i think is that maryann is a maenad( was the 'demon" in season 1. while Tara was getting rid of her demon(during the exorcism)...a little girl appeared in the woods(little Tara). The little girl(the demon:)) had the strange pitch black eyes (like others get during maryann's orgies)..probably that is why Maryann ripped that lady's heart out. just a guess.. wonder what Tara's mom got her for her Bday... the present Maryann threw away...can't wait for next week's episode.

Jul 29, 2009 2:26AM EDT

there was no demon.. it was a vision due to the drugs the pharmacy lady gave tara... the one who was murdered at the end of last seasons and who's murder seems to have no importance thus far in the season.
i've read the books and maryanns character does not reflect anything as far as i can tell from the books so I guess we will just have to wait and see.. although the maenad was in the books it was portrayed differently... i dunno shes creepy and i want her to go away soon lol

Default avatar cat
Jul 29, 2009 3:19AM EDT

hey kendra. great review as always. however something is bugging em after watching episode 6. sam 'claims' that he knows what maryann is right? so if he does indeed know then how come he ddnt realise what the scratches on daphne's back represented? or did he not want to admit it to himslef because he though he found another shapeshifter?
and joce21, that womans death does have some significance. in episode 5 they showed her autopsy and the entire police force (3 in total) were all there to witness it.

Jul 31, 2009 12:26AM EDT

Maryann is a Maenad from the books; but, they just portray her differently. The way the flashback sets up Sam and Maryann's relationship is that he met her only briefly. He never saw her in her full out demon form, and he was never involved in a sacrifice/attack.
The place where Eggs made Tara drive to is most likely the place where the pharmacy lady died in the sacrificial way that Maryanne plans to kill Sam. I am not sure at this point if the ceremony the woman performed on Tara in some way was the reason for her death (or rather the reason why Maryann went after her) or if it was her general practice.

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