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Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Monday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows!

Since Monday night is such a huge TV night, we want to know what shows wins for what you're watching on TV during those big timeslots packed with lots of goodies. We've included the popular major network shows below, but feel free to throw in your cable choices as well.

Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Monday timeslots!

Monday at 8/7c:

House on FOX

Heroes on NBC

How I Met Your Mother on CBS

One Tree Hill on The CW

Dancing with the Stars on ABC

Monday at 9/8c:

Lie to Me on FOX

Trauma on NBC

Two and a Half Men and/or The Big Bang Theory on CBS

Gossip Girl on The CW

My timeslot choices:

8PM watch/record: House and Heroes

8PM watch later online: How I Met Your Mother

9PM watch/record: Gossip Girl and Trauma

9PM watch later online: Greek


| 13:45 EDT, 20 Oct, 2009
what a stupid picture for house
| 19:07 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
Then Greek online of course!
| 19:06 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
House & Gossip Girl!!
| 09:47 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
Lie to Me*, Gossip Girl
| 23:44 EDT, 11 Oct, 2009
I watch House and then Lie to Me.
| 21:24 EDT, 11 Oct, 2009
# Lie to Me # House # Heroes # Gossip Girl
| 21:06 EDT, 11 Oct, 2009
in my house we love to watch house and lie to me.its very addictive
| 16:34 EDT, 11 Oct, 2009
heroes at 8
| 17:20 EDT, 10 Oct, 2009
House when it is on and Big Bang when it is on. We watch HIMYM, Heroes later on.
| 00:48 EDT, 10 Oct, 2009
House @ 8 (Heroes later online) Lie to Me @ 9 (Trauma later online
| 11:46 EDT, 09 Oct, 2009
I watche HIMYM @7, Accidentally on Purpose @7:30, then big bang theory @8:30
| 08:09 EDT, 09 Oct, 2009
heros then castle and house later
| 04:36 EDT, 09 Oct, 2009
Greek, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Dancing with the Stars, and Gossip Girl.
| 03:27 EDT, 09 Oct, 2009
Gossip Girl is the only thing I watch on Mondays =)
| 09:58 EDT, 08 Oct, 2009
I watch House and The Big Bang Theory (it should definitely be on the list, btw). Then I watch Trauma and Gossip Girl online the next day.
| 03:49 EDT, 08 Oct, 2009
my line up for mondays reads the big bang theory lie to me castle trauma accidently on purpose
| 00:44 EDT, 08 Oct, 2009
Accidentally on Purpose is cool too, but I'm a lot less likely to give it my full attention. It's entertaining, but it feels old.
| 00:42 EDT, 08 Oct, 2009
HeroesBig Bang TheoryCastle I only just realized that I like Greek, and I still have all of season two to watch before I touch the current season.
| 00:34 EDT, 08 Oct, 2009
How I Met Your MotherBig Bang TheoryAccidentally on PurposeLie to Me House on reruns
| 22:40 EDT, 07 Oct, 2009
How I met your mother and the Big Bang Theory
| 17:42 EDT, 07 Oct, 2009
Heroes I watch live, House I watch on my computer the next day.Lie to Me without a question.
| 15:49 EDT, 07 Oct, 2009
Don't have cable. Watch HIMYM and BBT on Sidereel. :)
| 12:47 EDT, 07 Oct, 2009
house and big bang theory is all i need^^
| 10:55 EDT, 07 Oct, 2009
I watch them all, but i watch them all online. I guess i don't count as far as ratings go. i try to watch them again on Hulu so it'll count some where. 'Course that doesn't work for CBS Shows. The Big Bang Theory!!!How I Met Your MotherCastleHouseHeroesLie to Me Love 'em all.
| 07:25 EDT, 07 Oct, 2009
how i met your mother and gossip girl
| 23:36 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
How I Met Your Mother, House, Heroes, Gossip Girl, Castle all online.
| 22:11 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
THE BESTGossip Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One Tree Hill !!!!!!!!!!! watch these show below onlineHouseHow I Met Your MotherTramaTwo in a HALF Men
| 21:14 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
How I met your mother and Big Bang Theory while on
| 19:41 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
heroeshimymtbbtall online
| 19:15 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
gossip girl is on at 9 here in canada, so I watch that first, then lie to me at 10, and house online later.
| 19:09 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I watch One Tree Hill at 8pm and gossip girl at 9pm, greatest shows ever!!!!!!
| 19:06 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
ON THE DAYOne Tree HillGossip Girl :) CATCH UP LATERHouse
| 18:32 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I'd have to say that How I met your mother gets my top pick ... but one tree hill is a close ... very close second ... so I just record BOTH :D (I tend to never watch the clock, so I always miss my shows, that's when my love for my DVR comes in)
| 18:15 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
Heroes at 8, Gossip Girl at 9, One Tree Hill at 11 through satellite and PVR (Canadian TiVo)
| 17:04 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
Most Mondays I am other wise busy so I watch House, Heroes, Greek, Lincoln Heights, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory all online!!! I don`t get ABC Family so Greek and Lincoln Heights are always online and I am not as picky about the half hours so those will always be onliners, the others I am not sure what I would actually watch on TV! Cool question though!
| 16:16 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I always watch: House at 7.Trauma at 8.& for some reason, Gossip Girl airs at 9 here, so it works out for me.Then later, I'll watch Heroes & Lie To Me online Heroes has become a huge let down. I only watch it for Sylar now. ^_^
| 16:12 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
Oh, also to add, you left Accidentally on Purpose off the list... which I am still watching online on Tuesdays, but I fear it won't last long on my list.
| 16:09 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
Watch Heroes than Trauma. Record Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory to watch after Trauma. I'm a couple of seasons behind on How I Met Your Mother, so I need to catch up before I can watch any new ones.
| 15:31 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I watch How I Met Your Mother at 8, then Gossip Girl at 9, then Castle at 10. I record The Big Bang Theory.
| 14:29 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
| 13:09 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I definitly watch how I met you mother, house, big bang theory and greek!!! Sigh, monday nights are a race to youtube or wherever i can to watch em all!!
| 12:52 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I watch Heroes, House, Trauma, Lie to Me, CSI Miami and Castle ALL on Sidereel as we're weeks behind in UK.If we weren't, I'd pick:Lie To MeHouse/Heroes/Trauma/Castle/Miami all rated the same.
| 12:46 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I watch House and The Big Bang Theiry as they air anf watch Lie To Me later online
| 08:49 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
House on FOX @ 8, Lie To Me on FOX @ 9, then watch One Tree Hill online sometime on Tuesday.
| 08:40 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
How I Met Your Mother on CBSThe Big Bang Theory on CBSCastle on ABC Two hours of good TV.
| 06:51 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
If I were actually living in the US, it would be House, Castle and depending on my mood, I'd record HIMYM. As it is, I have to watch everything online the day after.
| 02:14 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I watch everything online since i be at work :( ....but the good news is no commercials :)
| 01:16 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
8 HIMYM, Accidentally on purpose9 Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theroy10 Castlethen watch house and lie to me online
| 01:15 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
watch heroes and gossip girl as airs then one tree hill and house online later
| 00:59 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
| 00:27 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
I watch House @ 8 p.m., and Big Bang Theory @ 9:30. I usually catch How I Met Your Mother on Sidereel, and maybe Lie To Me. Not really into any of the other shows, though I may give Trauma a chance. And there's a reason Heroes is probably going to be cancelled, despite all you fans, lol.
| 00:25 EDT, 06 Oct, 2009
House and Lie to Me win my fav. Sometimes im unable to watch Lie to Me because the family wants their news but then Id catch it online as well as Heroes and Castle. :)
| 23:31 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Heroes! Then I watch Castle at ten
| 23:11 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I watch... HeroesHouseOne Tree HillLie To Me all online cause of personal time conflict.
| 22:54 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
i watch heroes and trauma and castle live then record house and lie to me for tuesday(since there's nothing good on that night) and i watch HIMYM later online
| 22:20 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
8 - watch Heroes, stream How I Met your Mother9 - study (I can't stand Two and a Half Men)9:30 - watch The Big Bang Theory10 - watch Castle
| 22:15 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
How I met your mother... The whole way.
| 22:14 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
House then Gossip Girl then Castle
| 21:44 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
at 8 its heroes at 9 its lie to me at 10 its CASTLE. can forget about that one
| 19:35 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I watch Heroes and Gossip Girl as it airs, and then i watch One Tree Hill after gossip girl....thank God for DVR.
| 19:06 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
@unholyghost2003 It's in a few places around online, but here's one post about it -
| 19:01 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
meowmio House is the best now I know where you are coming from though. I watch House @ 8Lie to Me @ 9Castle @ 10
| 18:52 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
i live in Ca so i watch Heroes online before it airs where i live and then watch House on live tv
| 18:49 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
As you know, I watch it all online but I would always view The Big Bang Theory first, Heroes after then HIMYM.
| 18:42 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
8PM watch House8PM watch later online: Heroes9PM watch: Gossip Girl, Trauma, or Lie to Me10PM watch later online: Castle
| 18:23 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
house at 5pm GG at 6 pm nothing at 7 then i watch HiMYM half of oth then two and a half men and big bang theory at 9 and at 10 i watch heroes!
| 18:14 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
House all the way he is so great
| 18:10 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I watch both One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl online because I am never home to watch them on T.V. PS. The shows online have no commercials....Love It!!
| 18:07 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Gossip Girl wins top priority for me!! I usually end up watching HIMYM online sometime later on in the week.
| 18:02 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I record House/Heroes at 8, Lie to Me/Trauma at 9 and Castle at 10, but watch House and Lie to Me the day after recording it (so I can fast forward through commercials). My biggest dilemma is Wednesday's at 9! I record Criminal Minds/Glee, but I'm forced to watch Law & Order: SVU during their rerun times on the weekend and Cougar Town/Modern Family online. Thankfully we can watch online now!
| 17:39 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
House and HIMYM.Its not much of a question as far as I'm concerned. But then again I don't live in the US so I don't have the problem of having to pick in the first place.
| 16:57 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Heroes & Two and a Half Men/Big Bang Theory. LOVE THOSE
| 16:51 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
@ 8 - Heroes, definitely (can't miss my weekly fix of Sylar)@ 9 - Lie to Me Online - Gossip Girl (altho recently it hasn't been that great) House I don't watch anymore after the last season it any good now?
| 16:37 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Heroes!! WOOOOOOO... not like I am a fanboy lol XD
| 16:09 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Mondays one of the best nights on TV!! 8pm Watch - House, Record - HIMYM9pm Watch - Big Bang Theory, Record - Greek or vice versa depending on the episode10pm Watch - Castle11pm - Catch up w/ all of Sunday's recordings!!
| 16:06 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
how i met your mother is the BEST!
| 16:04 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I watch Greek at 6PM, House at 8 and Lie to Me at 9.
| 16:00 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
HIMYM watch/record & House - 8Gossip Girl watch/record & Greek - 9
| 16:00 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
House at 8Lie to Me at 9Castle at 10HIMYM at 11 timeshift baby! Thats 3.5 hours of mindnumbing goodness
| 15:57 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Dwts at 8 and gossip girl at 9!
| 15:53 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
HEROES at 8! But I was much easier for me to watch when it came on at 9. I watch reruns of House, not too addicted to that show.
| 15:40 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Never watch the network the rest of the week, but on Mondays I'll take CBS for the win(except accidentally on purpose, they should just give rules of engagement a whole season)
| 15:39 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I watch Heroes and later stream/download HIMYM because HIMYM is much easier to watch on a computer than Heroes for me.
| 15:39 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory make my monday night. I try to watch them as they air, but if i miss them, i catch them later.
| 15:29 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
Yeeaaah, House is the only thing on Monday night that appeals to me. I only watch house on Monday evenings...
| 15:17 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
O.K. I HAVE to know where that House Promo image came from! I LOVE IT!
| 15:11 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
In my house we watch House when it comes on then catch HIMYM later online. We watch BBT and I watch Heroes later, online by myself.
| 15:09 EDT, 05 Oct, 2009
I watch Heroes and Trauma as they air, and House and Lie to Me later online. And Castle! at ten.

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