Battlestar Galactica vs Cylons - Featured

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 comes to DVD & Blu-ray July 28th! In the final action-packed episodes of this truly epic sci-fi series, the members of the Battlestar Galactica are pitted in their final battle with the Cylons.

Can humans and Cylons live in peace and harmony? Must one race destroy the other for any hope of a future? After many shocking Cylon revelations, the ominous and all-important Final Five must be revealed to all, and the thrilling conclusion must be made.

These revelations and the drawn-out ultimate human-Cylon battles bring plenty more twists, turns, betrayals, tragic deaths, and moments to remember. The nail-biting final episodes also bring out the overall themes of the series including man vs. himself and the dangerous possibilities for man's technological advances, plus the end-all-be-all issue of one group's god(s) versus another's.

If you're a diehard BSG fan or are watching it for the first time, 4.5 contains the most must-have, intense, and fascinating episodes of the series. Discover or re-discover the truth about Earth, the 13th colony, what the Cylons truly want, and if humans can possibly defeat their created "monsters" to re-gain their power and learn from their mistakes.


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