The Other Woman: For the Love of Juliet

Spoilers included!

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Last night's Lost, The Other Woman, focused on Juliet which was exciting since it's still hard to know if she's really on the side of the survivors.

It would've been exciting to see her post-island, but no such luck.

For Juliet, it was back to flashbacks, which had plenty of intriguing answers and craziness.

So the basic rundown: Juliet still seems to be a nice, good and intelligent woman and doctor who Ben brought to the island under false pretenses, then slipped into the arms of a married man, Goodwin, who Ben set up to be killed. Why? Because, don't you know, Juliet?? You're mine!

Now Ben has been creepy from the moment we set eyes on him, but he's always mysterious, passive aggressive with his violence, and constantly speaking in riddles. So him saying straight out to Juliet over her lover's dead body that she was his was pretty shocking and really showed the true inner-workings of his mind... not exactly somewhere I want to go.

But in the present of island life, though we were following Juliet and getting more insight into her, we got a lot more insight into Ben's head as well. It's been declared by the creepy wife/therapist woman that Ben is not being held captive, but is right where he wants to be. And that's become very clear now that Ben has his hold on Locke, leading to the great scene of a bruised and battered Ben casually walking past Sawyer and Hurley with fresh linens saying simply, "I'll see you at dinner."

And there's the little details of whoever Ben has working for him on the boat (maybe Michael? maybe somehow Sayid? Maybe someone else totally unexpected?) which must have been a pretty big deal to Locke, and whatever Ben's deal is with Miles and friends and $3.2 million. And the tiny detail that Juliet thinks Ben will be ready to kill off Jack next for their "forbidden love."

Now next week they're teasing us with saying we'll find out another one of the Oceanic 6. It seems there will be focus on Sun with the pregnancy issue, but this could easily be a side-story to distract us from whoever the Oceanic 6er will be!

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Lost: For the Love of Juliet


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