American Idol: Another Elimination Shocker!

America! How many times will your American Idol votes lead us to heartbreak??

Michael Johns was a pretty shocking elimination a few weeks ago since he was doing well for himself, but it was sort of understandable since he wasn't standing out in the top group.

But after this week's Andrew Lloyd Webber performances, the Idol rankings should have jumped all over the place as the lower ranked Syesha stepped up her game with an amazing performance, top/middle runner Carly was INCREDIBLE, and other top/middle runners, Jason and Brooke pretty much bombed.

Sure, we can't expect millions of voters to judge talent well or not vote for their favorite performer over the season just because someone else was great, but this week's vote showed just how much of a ridiculous popularity contest turn this competition can and does take.

Ryan switched us from a bottom three to a bottom two - so very clearly for this week - Brooke and Jason... maybe Syesha because it may have been difficult to bump herself up after losing popularity along the way.

So, not too shocking, but a pretty disappointing for her and those of us who know she gave her all, Syesha did end up in the bottom two. But of course, we had to get a bit of a shocker out of it as Syesha stood with Brooke, who just knew she was in the bottom - but then was told she was safe. Safe America?? Safe! I know she's a sweet and darling woman, and she is good, but she has been faltering big time!

Why is it fair to those who are proving to be awesome performers to keep someone who's showing to be shaky, unprofessional and human?? Okay, human is nice and that's why Simon thinks Brooke got to stay this week, so that's an interesting element to the competition. But she's been getting worse as we go, so I'd think there's only so long that's endearing.

Now for the real preaching folks - CARLY?? Carly in the bottom two?? She's been popular all along, with a couple run-ins with the bottom three, but I have no idea why viewers wouldn't see she's one of the most incredible talents on the show.

But, no. As roomies Syesha and Carly were shaking in their boots (it seems it's always roomies in the bottom now - probably because there are so few people left), we were told Carly is gone.

Again, CARLY?? Boo, indeed, audience! I could see why Carly isn't a lot of people's style, but she's shown amazing talent, incredible skill, and a very wonderful personality throughout, so it amazes me that she could leave before the final three, considering the rest of the contestants.

Ridiculous. But preaching aside, the competition will only get more intense now as the contestants have really gotten a feel for just what makes their fans like them more or lose interest in them, and quite often that's not a screw up or bad performance.

Next week we're on to Neil Diamond... yeah... so we'll see how that one works out for everybody!

What do you think about Carly's elimination? Was it her time to go or did some of the other contestants luck out?

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Apr 24, 2008 5:10PM EDT

Another Elimination Shocker!
Seeing the above I cockily thought that at this stage the only shocking elimination would be teeny-bopper fave David A. I would never have imagined that Carly would leave before the final 3. Which goes to show you how my memory is going down the tubes. Every year at this time I swear off American Idol for this very reason; the best singer/performer doesn't win (except season 3).
The charm of Jason and Brooke is undeniable, with his 'Aw Shucks' grin and her worried pout but they've been riding a singer/songwriter vibe that is only 50% legitimate. It's time to cut them loose.
America dropped the ball with this one. Now here's a message from George W. Bush.

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