Corpsicle: The Truth Is In The Pie

Pushing Daisies deals with death every episode, but the murder cases are always true to the show's quirky, fun tone.

On last night's winter finale, this tone continued for the the case, but definitely not for Ned and Chuck.

Last week, we were left with Ned foolishly blurting out to Chuck that he killed her father.

And this isn't something she could brush off considering it massively altered her life.

But throughout the episode as Chuck was hiding out right next door in Olive's apartment, hung the thought that we didn't really know much about Chuck's mother.

So while this didn't seem that important, it turned out it was! We had Ned and Emerson running around (sans Chuck), trying to track down who was killing insurance agents and sticking them in snowmen, and Chuck contemplating her own death and return and the death without return of her father.

But then, instead of just resolving things with Chuck and Ned, they had a moment of truth in front of Chuck's father's grave that helped mend things a little bit, and we were hit with two pretty major surprises, the latter being the most shocking: Emerson has a daughter and Chuck's Aunt Lily is nothing of the sort - she's Chuck's mother!

It looks like the little Pie Hole family that is pretty much otherwise alone or orphaned has more family than we thought. So why does Chuck think Lily is her aunt? Did Lily abandon Chuck and her father for her mermaid career? And how would it work out legally once Chuck's father was dead and her aunts had to take custody of her? How did she hide it then?

Or does Chuck actually know, we just don't know she knows? Very, very intriguing! And as has become a trend, Olive knows more and more that she's not supposed to know and has to pretend not to know.

Just where Pushing Daisies will go with all this will definitely be interesting when it returns!

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Apr 12, 2008 10:27PM EDT

Woah. Didn't expect THAT! Im watching the episodes of Pushing Daisies right now (waiting for an episode to load) but did not expect THAT!!! Though I did wonder about Chuck's mum...

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