Fav TV Couples: Top 10 Failed Couples, Part 1 - Featured

Heroes - Sylar & Elle

Now if this isn't one of the ultimate failed TV couples, I don't know who is - it's one thing to end up with a broken heart and a couple of lessons from a relationship gone wrong, but another to wind up after a romantic night on the beach with your head split open to steal your superpowers and kill you, and then darn, getting your body burned. Ouch, love hurts.

Lost - Jack & Kate

Dare to disagree, Jate fans, (is that what we're calling them, because I'd say therein their awful couple hybrid name lies their dimise), but I would call Jack and Kate not only one of our star-crossed couples, but just plain failed. Remember when she kept not picking Jack while on the island, slept with Sawyer in a bear cage with Jack watching (okay, she didn't know til later), then they got engaged once off the island but self-destructed as a couple? I'm not seeing any hope of recovery or even any true love here, so I'm going to say this is a much more mature and dramatic Joey and Dawson we have going here.

The Office - Ryan & Kelly

Ryan and Kelly are one of the most hilarious, mismatched, and disastrous couples our TVs have ever seen! Ryan the constantly annoyed office temp started to date Kelly for some reason, though he made it quite clear when chatting with the camera that he found her very annoying. Finally after lots of insanely aggravating fights between the two, we saw Ryan see a light at the end of the relationship tunnel when he thought the Scranton branch was closing and he told Kelly there was just no way to stay together if they weren't working together, and then he dumped her when he got his corporate gig. But wait! Even better, perhaps for this couple was when Ryan returned to the office after getting arrested for fraud, then in his pathetic state, took Kelly back, only to get dumped for warehouse worker Daryl.

Sex and the City - Charlotte & Trey

Charlotte, our hopeless Sex and the City romantic, wanted nothing more than a magical romantic experience like her first meeting with Trey to allow her to fall head over heels and get her fairytale wedding and marriage on the go asap. And while she got a romantic meeting as Trey's cab almost ran her over and he "saved her life," she also got a horribly unromantic proposal. Charlotte then discovered that her stuffed-shirt fiance could be romantic but not so romantic when it really came down to the marriage. So finally, Trey and Charlotte called it quits forever, leaving Charlotte to meet the one she was actually meant to be with, her adorable divorce lawyer Harry!

Gilmore Girls - Rory & Dean

Rory and Dean started out as a sweet first high school relationship for both, and that's how they will probably remember each other, but plus a whole lot of drama and mistakes in between. Rory broke Dean's heart as she couldn't resist the new bad boy in town, Jess, and then not so very long after, Dean shocked Rory by getting married at the end of high school! But then to really put the icing on this failed relationship cake, good girl Rory was so confused by her own relationship and her renewed attraction to (married) Dean, that Dean became her first, turning her into the horrid "other woman." So it was truly quits for these two a while after their big mistakes, leaving Dean free for such a happy marriage, and Rory free to go out in the world and discover much more in life and love.

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Large good to be queen
Feb 16, 2009 7:41AM EST

Lost Jate fans, stay tuned this week ;) For the those of us that would rather more mystery, less drama, there's supposed to be some more of that as well.

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2009 11:11AM EST

Ok if of all the Rory (gilmore girls) boyfriends i would never have picked Dean! Jess was by far the best!

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2009 12:40PM EST

wow yeah Jack & Kate are a good example of a failed couple

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2009 3:54PM EST

ooh on that SATC note, I have to say Aidan and Carrie. The best guy ever and she ruined it!

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2009 4:58PM EST

Oh yes, Jack and Kate are a doomed match. I always really hoped that something would happen with Jack and Juliette. She treats him better for one thing and doesn't sleep with other people in bear cages!lol. I agree about Ryan and Kelly too....they are sooo funny and that final scene in season 3 where Ryan simply says "We are so over..." when he gets the job is a classic.

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2009 6:48PM EST

I'd say Rory and Jess instead of Rory and Dean. And I just gotta say that I disagree with Jack/Kate as a failed couple. I can still bet that they're going to end of together for sure at the end.

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2009 7:44PM EST

What noCarrie and Aiden?Buffy and Spike?Buffy and Riley?Veronica and Logan?Shane and Carmen?

Default avatar cat
Feb 20, 2009 2:04PM EST

Yes! Ryan and Kelly! There are very few failed TV relationships that make people laugh- but Ryan and Kelly definetly have that relationship.

Default avatar cat
Mar 9, 2009 7:49PM EDT

house and cuddy! jesus

Default avatar cat
Mar 18, 2009 9:10PM EDT

I hate how the Elle and Sylar thing ended. I loved them. Alot.:(

Default avatar cat
May 22, 2009 4:01PM EDT

Sudden realization that all of Rory's relationships have failed, they were all good boyfriends, which makes each one of them a 'top failed couple' in my opinion. But it's undeniable that Jess was the best boy...I like to imagine that they get together eventually...even though the show's over.
Oh and I agree with Marissa and Ryan being in this catagory...definately...that just sucked. I think there is still hope for Leonard and Penny.

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