90210: Did you like the serious turn in 'Hollywood Forever?'

On 90210's new 'Hollywood Forever,' the drama took a serious and intriguing turn!

The show was walking on the edge of after-school-special with the sex issue for Annie a few episodes ago, but I felt like it was far from typical or preachy when it came to dealing with Adrianna's drug issue tonight.

While I do like Naomi, I loved seeing little rich girl hit the wall of what daddy can get her out of, even when she was covering for Adrianna by taking the blame for her drugs.

I also loved (in a shocking, terrible, but well done sort of way) the final scene of Naomi leaving Adrianna a harsh voicemail for leaving her high and dry while Adrianna was passed out from overdosing - leaving us with Naomi's "you're dead to me," just as the medics stuck a needle in Adrianna's chest, unsure if she's saved.

So not all of this is entirely avoiding the drug drama cliches, but I think in the context of the show, it was all done well and in a way that left me dying to know what happens next, so I'd say mission accomplished!

Did you like the way this all played out or did you feel it was over or under-dramatized?

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RachelL Editor
Oct 8, 2008 1:05AM EDT

This show is slowly growing on me. I concur that I am beginning to even enjoy it...I think the dialogue is still missing a lot of the sharpness (and clever cultural references) that Gossip Girl has, but yes, kudos for going all out on the O.D.Also, while I should have seen it coming, I am totally excited for Hot Teacher to ultimately hook up with the "suddenly legal" transfer student/narc (upon his learning that she's o.k.). Yay for throwing a little 21 Jump Street in there! They totally have chemistry, too.A random question...do any high schools still do that ridiculous "tote a baby doll around" assignment anymore or is it only on TV (I certainly never did...)?

Default avatar cat
Oct 8, 2008 2:18AM EDT

I haven't seen the episode yet, but it's waiting for me to watch whenever my TV becomes free.
My grade 12 Ethics class did the whole electronic baby thing. There were only 5 dolls for the whole class so I opted out of it and carried a silent egg around instead. The things screamed loudly and ALL the time, one kid actually shook it so hard the computer registered it as "deceased".

Large 1325994072 073
Oct 8, 2008 7:36AM EDT

i really liked the episode. the o.d.ing was very intreging. i didn't hear what Naomi said at the end the video cut it off. but i thought i was something about her being dead. it's awful that she od'd but it's her own fault. the baby thing was really weird. i did that in health class, but we used sacs of flour. so they didn't cry or anything, you just had to carry it around and make up stuff that you did with it. my sister had a real baby at the time, so i was taking care of him anyways. lol

Default avatar cat
Oct 8, 2008 12:08PM EDT

we used those exact same kind of babies for our school. where they register if you shake it and they have sensors on their bottom so they know when u change it and on their mouth so you feed it and on their arm so you change its clothes. it sucked

Default avatar cat
Oct 8, 2008 8:09PM EDT

I had one of those dolls for my parenting class... go figure.
That was an awesome ending or this show.. I'm dying to know what happens next.

Oct 10, 2008 6:48AM EDT

yeah, we have those baby dolls at my school too, they have a microchip in them and if you harm them too badly you have to pay to replace it!
but anyway, i absolutely LOVE this show! i reckon this episode was really well done, n im seriously starting to hate adrianna's character, she thinks she can get away with anything, and its like when she overdoses she cant.. i hope she realises it [:

Default avatar cat
Oct 10, 2008 11:03AM EDT

I totally agree with you melliee, i don't like adriannaa either, and i haven't from the start. but i did really enjoy this episode and although i don't like adrianna, i feel sorry for her.
can't wait for next episode

Oct 14, 2008 9:31PM EDT

That ending was amazing. I think my liking of the show was going down hill untill I saw that ending. Unfortunately i don't have that rush of excitement ofwaiting to find out what happened to Adrianna anymore because I accidentally ran into a spoiler trap =(.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2008 7:49PM EDT

This was the best episode ever. I hated Adrianna, and her bitchy mother. I am trying to wait patiently for the next episode to be posted (COME ON CW GET ON THE BALL!)

Default avatar cat
Oct 18, 2008 1:21AM EDT

when i first started watching this show it was mainly because i didn't have anything else to do, but now i'm starting to really like it, especially because of that last episode, it's finally becoming a show i don't mind letting people know i watch! haha

Default avatar cat
Oct 20, 2008 7:48PM EDT

i too had to use an egg but in my school there was a program for pregnant teens and teen mothers. The mothers could bring their babies to school and take them to their first four periods, then they were sent to a day care center. My close friend was in this program and I took her baby second period while she was in gym. It was much harder than the egg, since you had to pay constant attention to it and if it registered as deceased you would have been more than failing a class.

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