True Blood Premiere Review: A Juicy New Series

Even as a TV viewer very weary of vampire shows, I was drawn in by the promos to check out the premiere, and I have to say True Blood has a lot going for it!

They took full advantage of being on HBO with some creepy vampire scenes including a super creepy vampire sex scene, but I guess with the point being vampires working their way into normal society, that's going to be an element of it all.

What I really liked was the different spin on vampires - I'm still freaked out by them but they aren't "really" the bad guys here. They're treated as another race discriminated against for their past with controversy over if they can be trusted and who's associating with them. With the fact that they're still tempted by real blood, as opposed to the "True Blood" drink, the element of danger still hanging in the air is perfect to keep our interest.

This whole deal didn't entirely win me over but is getting there since they're doing it in a pretty intriguing way, but what did win me over were the characters. Our main character, Sookie Stackhouse is endearing and just that different and interesting sort of girl you enjoy following around for a series, especially when there are a bunch of dumb people around who you can dislike through this person.

I didn't quite get why she can read people's minds. I guess the point is that she's special and different and that's why the vampire is attracted to her. I don't want this to turn into the next Buffy The Vampire Slayer, except this time the tough main girl fighting for the vampires, which I'm a little concerned it might.

I like the vein the show is following now of showing the weirdness going on behind the scenes of everyday life, though, so we'll see how it goes.

Back on the characters, I also really like Sookie's friend Tara and the gay cook at the bar - he's fantastic and a really great not-too-corny comic relief. I was starting to like Sookie's boss as well, but then around the end he gave her a hug and got a bit creepy in his desirous thoughts of her. Then again, I guess everyone sounds a little weird in their private thoughts, so we'll see how he turns out.

He's certainly a romantic possibility for Sookie that might get interesting as he tries to fight for her against good ol' Vampire Bill, and I don't see getting a vampire angry a good thing. But with the point being that vampires can and should fit into society, I think we'll be seeing the relationship between Bill and Sookie develop a lot more, causing all sorts of conflicts with others that I think will actually make a decent plot.

With these characters and the direction of the plot starting up in the premiere, I was pretty impressed by HBO's hyped up True Blood and would definitely recommend it to vampire-show-lovers and non-lovers alike.

If you're a vampire show fan and checked out the premiere, what'd you think? Does it measure up to your previous vampire favs?

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Default avatar cat
Sep 8, 2008 4:46PM EDT

I really liked the first episode of true blood. I read the book it is based off of the day before it premiered and though it is basically the book in show form it still has enough differences to keep it interesting. For example, the character Tara is really interesting and amusing in the show, but she is not in the book.

Default avatar cat
Sep 9, 2008 10:41PM EDT

I absolutely love the whole book series (there are about 8 books so far) and so am super excited to see it as a show. I think anna paquin makes a fantastic sookie... it will be interesting to see how the condense/change the story-line to fit the confines of a tv show.

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RachelL Editor
Sep 10, 2008 2:08PM EDT

Good thoughts, Kendra!I too thought it was an interesting premiere and premise in general. It will be interesting to see where they go with things and based on the premiere I am not quite sure yet.It could be more of a crime show (who killed that lady?) with the vampires in the background or like you fear...Buffy in reverse.The reading minds thing baffled me too...and why was it that sometimes could she just hear everything and then when she tried to read her brother's mind she like...put her hands on his head??I did think that Vampire Bill was a downer. I guess he's supposed to be broody, but he should take some lessons from Angel on how to brood correctly. He was my least favorite character.

Default avatar cat
Sep 20, 2008 11:41AM EDT

I reeeeeeeeeeally like this programmmme :)i'm sooo excited for the next episode :Oi don't think this will be the next Buffy... it's too... BTVS our fanged friends are evil(er than in this show) and MUST be killed. But in TB it's totally different. They still kinda feed on humans but most of them are just trying to fit in. Hell, did you see any vamps actually buying a house in BTVS?i didn't think so.besides the fact that the vamps are similiar (not the fangs. i must say i think the fangs in this show suck.), everything is pretty much the opposite. ok. they can't fly, go invible or turn into a bat (although he does say some of them can...). Oh, and the invitation thing... but i don't think you could take that back in BTVS...on a different note, i think Sookie should have some more powers. Like maybe she can put thoughts into people's heads :)Obviously this wouldn't work for vampires, but maybe in time...:)that is all..


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