The Bachelorette Finale: Happily Engaged to...

*Finale Spoilers Included!*

Oh the excitement, drama, and heartbreaks of The Bachelorette finale!

DeAnna has been a painfully, yet still considerately, honest bachelorette throughout this season, sending multiple men home at one point, and sending a few home that broke her heart as well, though she knew it was the right decision.

I have to say with all this drama, it was really just about the most "real" Bachelor or Bachelorette season I've seen in a long time. While these couples don't usually last since all sorts of complications are thrown in like living in different places and only knowing each other for a number of weeks, DeAnna was really and truly determined to make this process work for her.

And so it did!

She sent home two of the guys in the last few weeks who seemed like they could easily be the final two with hottie Graham a few weeks ago and the sensitive, perfect Jeremy last week.

Graham was an instant attraction for DeAnna, but she finally had to be honest that that's all it was ever going to be for them since he wasn't up for the commitment, and with Jeremy, everything was just perfect, even their strong connection over both losing parents. But DeAnna knew this wasn't love, sigh, poor Jeremy who definitely was falling hard!

But she gave Jeremy a chance to talk it out - like a real break up, madness! This week, after taking both Jesse and Jason home to Georgia, she returned to the Bahamas to make her final decision, and have a talk with Jeremy who was still there... for some reason.

After her honest and heartfelt chat with Jeremy, she got the utter joy of thinking over each of her remaining guys after her hometown visit which went great for Jason, but a little more iffy for Jesse.

We saw Jesse falter big time in his initial visit, while Jason wowed the whole fam, but on the second day with the wonderful surprise of having both guys there, Jesse stepped it up and had some honest talks with her sister and sister-in-law plus her dad which really turned their opinions around on them. Personally, I think it's the "hit it and blow it up" handshake he taught the grandparents that really sealed the deal for him!

But long story short, ABC played this one up as Jason being the front-runner on the family front, and both of them still vying for DeAnna's heart in their final amazing dates in the Bahamas. Going into the finale, I was rooting for Jesse, about half-way through I was rooting for Jason, then worked my way back to Jesse... just in time for the final moment of truth!

And so Jason appeared first out of the limo - usually the kiss of death... but... oh yep, there it is. Death by bachelorette. Jason got all the way to getting down on his knee before DeAnna had to dramatically say, "no, I can't do this!"

So off with Jason's sweet, adorable little head, which absolutely broke his heart to the core since he clearly thought it was going to be him, which hey, none of us can blame him for seeing all they had together. So it turned out a bit of a surprise to see this great guy go home, but a pretty pleasant one to see the very sweet, down to earth, and unexpected Jesse take the cake - or rather the bachelorette's hand in marriage!

Off into the sunset with another bachelor and bachelorette - but this time, maybe, just maybe they'll really make it!

As we saw in the After the Rose special, they may have been hiding this relationship until now for the show, but they've already set a date!

Look out May 9, 2009 - you just may prove that The Bachelorette can out-happy The Bachelor x2 - that is unless the giggly love birds Matt and Shane make it to that alter first!

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