The Riches: Slums of Bayou Hills

Every single week we can say things are just getting more and more ridiculously complicated on The Riches!

At the end of Season 1, I was convinced the Malloys had no choice but to be done with their lives as the Riches considering they had many crimes including 3 murders under their belts, but they returned as the Riches after all this season, with more secrets from each other, and less from others like Nina.

Now we're seeing this life pull them apart even more - which was massively aggravated this week with "Slums of Bayou Hills." Wayne came back to land the deal with Hugh of Bayou Hills to make himself a couple million and, in his mind, fix all of their problems... or at least make them more able to hide and do as they wish.

But there were a couple more twists making this dream more impossible - an old friend of the real Doug Rich's was in on the Bayou Hills deal, which Wayne seemed to pull off in a truly ridiculous way as he convinced Doug's old friend that he just looked completely and totally different.

Doug's friend was reasonably convinced, but we discovered later that this guy's partner was not fooled, and is now more than ready to use this against Wayne.

So, at the end of the episode, we were left with Wayne recognized as a fraud by his co-worker who had always helped him out plus this partner blackmailing him into stiffing Hugh on the whole deal. Plus, some guy called asking about Pete (uh oh), and... AND Wayne discovered Hugh has set up the low income housing to just be a front for the Bayou Hills deal, with the expectation of the rich house owners fighting against the low income housing to get it cut out.

And, on the other side of the coin, we had Dahlia trying to come clean about her parole, leading her to need to get an honest job and place to live in her own name by the end of the day after she visited the "understanding" parole officer.

So, while she's working in a fish market with ex-cons and renting an apartment where a guy ODed watching Survivor, she did it! But with no help or even the chance to explain to Wayne.

Plus to top it all off, Cael decided he couldn't stand living in the house "stealing their souls" any longer, and took off on his own.

It seems "the Riches" are splitting the Malloys farther and farther apart, but they're going to have to pull together again if they want any hope at all of magically getting through all these massive roadblocks as they continue on!


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