Pop Fiction: Ashton Kuther Punks the Paparazzi

Ashton Kuther's need for messing with the celebrity world could not be quenched by a mere 8 seasons of Punk'd. Oh no.

Now it's time for Ashton to mess with those silly stalker gossip bloggers, the paparazzi, every entertainment show and website, and all of us!

That's right... it's time for some Pop Fiction.

What does this mean? Well, celebrities are plagued with more rumors, gossip and just plain lies than ever as everyone wants to know everything about their lives.

Mostly just Perez Hilton and TMZ, but the rest of us sure do listen! So, good ol' Ashton has come up with the genius and hilarious new E! show that was only advertised by saying it was too hot to even give a peek of - and it pretty much is!

Have you heard about Paris Hilton's strange outing with her guru or Avril Lavigne being pregnant recently? Well, like a whole lot of other gossip, these stories are made up... but this time by the likes of E!'s new show produced by Ashton, of course, Pop Fiction. And that's exactly what it is - celebrities agreeing to fake something like hanging out with a guru (who's a biker dude dressed up, by the way), and pregnancy, just to get the paparazzi and gossip news to pick up these stories.

So, as you know if you caught the premiere of Pop Fiction last night, it follows a few celebrities in an episode as they pull these little pranks - and show us that they're going to teach those gossipers a lesson! It's kind of dumb and kind of completely genius at the same time!

Now as the show continues, how will we know what stories we're reading on our favorite sites are true... or Pop Fiction!

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Pop Fiction: Ashton Kuther Punks the Paparazzi


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